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11-01-2016 at 07:57 PM
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Recent gaming goals reached! Looking to the future...

As some of you know, I like to set goals for myself of either getting a 1cc (completing a game with one credit) or a specific score goal.

Lately, I've been all about 1cc goals, but sometimes good scores happen naturally in the process, i.e. Pulstar, where there is no "milking" strategies to farm points with all the extra lives you acquire. Beating the game without dying, in the case of Pulstar, will net you a good score - since the end of level bonuses decrease every death you take in any given level.

Pulstar no-death/no miss 1 credit clear:
I also was able to manage beat the arcade version of Shinobi. Getting the 1cc wasn't especially hard, to be honest. But scoring in this game is very skill based, as it involves not using any of the long-ranged shuriken weapons; All of your kills must be made with punches/kicks/ect, which puts you in a much more disadvantageous position of allowing enemies closer to you. I might try to increase my score a little more to the range of 380k-400k max, but I don't think I'll be challenging the awesome top scores on both the arcade and mame leaderboards. My current personal best score is 367,860.

Shinobi 1cc - 340,590 points:
I'm next looking into a couple games, most notably Capcom's classic "Knights of the Round". If you're unfamiliar, it's scrolling hack n' slash that plays a bit like Final Fight and King of Dragons. Today at the arcade, I made it to the boss of level 6 (out of 7 levels) and increased my personal best score to 279,980:

Getting that far already sounds great, in that I only have another level to learn and beat...I know it's not going to be that simple. Similar to other Capcom games like Final Fight, the last level is much harder than the levels that proceed it, and much longer, as well. I am going to try to clear the game in 3-4 weeks time, if I don't burn out in the process...

Wish me luck!
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  1. datagod's Avatar
    Pulstar reminds me of so many other games I enjoy.

    Great journey to be on, thanks for sharing.
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  2. spectre's Avatar
    You're taking down games left and right Pete. Incredible skill and dedication. Looking forward to more 1cc videos.
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    Thanks for the support, guys! A little status update on Knights of the Round for me...

    I've finally made it to the final stage, and died pretty promptly in the beginning. Stage 6's boss Muramasa is definitely a "gatekeeper" in this game; Entire runs are going to be decided on how that battle goes. In save state practice, I've only beat him deathless a few times out of maybe a hundred attempts...I usually take 1 death, sometimes 2 here. That means, if I don't get at least 1 extra life the run ends there. A 1up and 2up are available under specific circumstances in stage 3, as well as another 2up in level 7.

    My final score the other night...314,550:

    My final goal is to clear the game (1cc) and beat the standing arcade 1st place leaderboard score of 431,550 set in 1999 by Len Hanley:

    Getting closer now...I can feel it!
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