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09-13-2017 at 02:19 PM
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How fast can you mash? Cool site tracks button pressing speed!

Found this cool site while browsing shmups.system11.org that tracks how fast your button presses / inputs are:

Those Hudson Shooting watches go for quite a bit these days, but this is a cool substitute - even has leaderboards based on your input type (keyboard, controller, touchscreen).

I reckon @Fly would be on the top of the leaderboards there!
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  1. Fly's Avatar
    I just gave it 2 tries with double finger tap on my spacebar. I did it twice because I didn't see my score after I submitted but after the 2nd try I noticed it put my score under "Controller".

    Thanks for sharing this! I'll give it a go after work tomorrow.

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    I'm no longer 23 years old in my prime but got 125 ill take it
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  3. Lance's Avatar
    Got 161 on keyboard...It put me on the "controller" column.

    Updated 09-13-2017 at 08:08 PM by Lance
  4. jerky's Avatar
    215 Keyboard
    220 Controller

  5. jerky's Avatar
    So those first scores above were just using the keyboard spacebar and the matching key on my controller mapped to space.

    Then I realized you could use more than one key...doh!

    I got much higher scores using 2,4 and 6 finger/key rhythms on my keyboard and controller but not sure what the "rules" are for this.

    Updated 09-13-2017 at 10:03 PM by jerky
    150 plus was good enough for me I did two keys each finger
  7. spectre's Avatar
    Takahashi Meijin did 16 presses a second, on average, on 1 button back in the 80's. He became famouse for this on games like Star Soldier on Famicom.

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    178 is now my highest
  9. Gloves's Avatar
    Hey all, I'm the developer behind this site, and wanted to thank you for sharing and using it! I'm taking an agile approach to the site, so expect to see plenty of updates and improvements over time!

    That said, I'm currently looking into why you'd be getting set as "controller" when clearly you are on keyboard. Can you let me know what kind of computer you're using?

    As for the "rules", I'm trying to be accurate to the shooting watches, but obviously with so many different inputs (computer, phone, etc.), it can be tough to make it "fair" across the board. For that reason, I'm not being TOO anal about what your precise input is, the main goal here is for you to improve your own mashing speed, and I'd consider the leaderboard secondary to that. So if someone cheats, for instance, you're really just cheating yourself out of the fun of it.

    If you have any suggestions for improving the site feel free to let me know, I'm happy to listen!
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  10. jerky's Avatar
    For me I am using an MSI gaming laptop for keyboard and a modded USB X-Arcade controller that maps the buttons to keyboard keys. Seems to confuse your program sometimes.

    So was the "intent" that we hit one button as fast as we can (single/multi finger techniques up to the player)? Or to hit more than one key since that could be valid in a game situation as well? For example I have been playing the old classic arcade game Vanguard recently which has x4 directional fire buttons.

    I played just using the keyboard at first (multi finger tap space-bar). Then pairs of keys double flap style (K+L). Then two pairs of keys for x2 double flap (A/S + K/L seemed best for me). I even tried triple keys x2 (6 fingers A/S/D + J/K/L etc). Tried the same sort of combos on my controller that maps the buttons to keyboard keys as well.

    Whatever I am supposed to be doing or not it's a fun little mashing challenge.

    Now how about some laser cannon sound effects to go with it?
    Updated 09-14-2017 at 07:39 AM by jerky
    Just got 202 and to prove I do not cheat like galloping glumps people

    I used ZX one hand and the two arrow keys other hand

    202 still not top ten lol
    258 the speed is coming back
  13. Gloves's Avatar
    I have some logic in place that mimics the shooting watch, so if you are currently pressing a key, any other key press should not increment your score. So as long as there is an press, and then a release, your score should increase. If, however, you just mash a bunch of buttons on your keyboard, it should NOT increase very much at all.

    You could "piano" it, kinda like you're saying, doing 6 or so different buttons, rolling along the keys. If you can do it consistently it should give good results. Not ideal for actual shmups, obviously. I've noted that chiclet style keyboards (laptops) are easier to get higher scores on, due to the low actuation requirement. On my mechanical keyboard it's tough to get much higher than 130 or so.

    As for fun laser sounds, I've been playing around with having a little ship that flies around and shoots when you "click", but I need to make sure that it doesn't negatively effect the scoring logic. Too many things going on at once can slow down your computer/phone/whatever and bug it out, especially on older devices.
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    Now I take #1 overall 307 I hope I dont have a heart attack lol
  15. Gloves's Avatar
    One thing I want to make note of is that I am currently working on changing my SQL queries to make it so that it will only show your highest score by name, so one person doesn't fill up the whole leaderboard. There's really no need to see your old lower scores.

    I'm also planning on implementing a "My High Score" feature, for those of us who can't mash 30 keys per second. :P
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    I agree there 100%
    The 307 was touch screen the 202 was keyboard HOWEVER it goes to the same why?
  18. Gloves's Avatar
    What kind of touchscreen? Phone? Laptop?
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    Lap Top (Gloves) a touch screen one
  20. Fly's Avatar
    I can put my initials but I cant seem to get it to register my scores. I just got 279 on one button with my T&F 7 finger roll on my first try.
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