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09-15-2017 at 11:18 PM
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New pickup - Sega System 16B Shinobi PCB!

Recently I was able to get a good deal on an original Sega system 16B Shinobi PCB and jamma adapter. I'm going to attempt recording a run where I get all the of "Special Bonus" 20,000 point awards for finishing the stages without the use of projectiles.

While this S-video direct capture video below looks decent, I really want to get RGB/Scart setup properly. I did try to capture using Scart, but there was a lot of signal noise in the picture when I had it hooked up by scart, even more than in this video.

My next step is to try to capture the signal before it reaches the supergun with another board like this one. I also wanted to see what the best quality on S-video looked like when uploaded to Youtube, so any feedback on the picture quality is appreciated.

My setup is as follows:

Sega system 16B Shinobi PCB --> Jasen's Customs ADCAP MK30 supergun via S-video --> output to XRGB mini framemeister --> HDMI in to Avermedia C127 Game Broadcaster HD --> Xsplit program capturing at 1080p/60fps

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  1. EVN's Avatar
    Weird that you get a worse picture from RGB than S-Video. Maybe reach out to Jasen and ask him what's up with that? The Supergun should just pass the unmodified RGB from the JAMMA edge.
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  2. YesAffinity's Avatar
    Nice pickup, Pete! I've got the C127, too, at the end of my chain. It's a decent little capture card, for the price. Your issue with the SCART image quality is probably the cable. There's a lot of subpar SCART cables out there, and then there's those that you pay about double for, but a much higher quality - shielded cable of thicker gauge, and all that good business. Maybe that's not your issue, but it's something I learned when I picked up SNES- and Genesis-to-SCART cables, both of which are the low quality versions, but I'm fine with them.

    Personally, I think your upload of the s-video capture looks great. I mean, there's only so much you can expect from upscaled 320x224. I've got a pretty trained eye and pretty high standards, from my time working in broadcast technology when HD was first coming on the market, but I also try to balance it with what is practical and still looks really good. IMHO, your capture looks really good.

    Anyway, good luck on the runs. I've got my popcorn ready. :)
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  3. HAN's Avatar
    A few of us with Jasen's ADCAP supergun have been having the same issue: we all came to realize this after CouryC (of "My Life in Gaming") posted on the shmups forum:


    It was eventually determined that switching noise from the power supply is to blame. It is most noticeable over RGB, but I still notice it over S-Video.

    Check out around 00:10-00:11 seconds in this rgb capture from a Knights of the Round PCB for a better look at this signal noise:

    I'm going to try grabbing the RGB signal before it hit the supergun with something like this:


    I'm pretty sure this will work, but is sort of a band-aid solution and I'd rather get a better power supply fitted to the device or get a different supergun altogether at some point.
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  4. EVN's Avatar
    Hopefully that works but you may find that because conductors still branch off to where the interference is coming from it might still be an issue. You might need to cut some traces on that eBay board so the RGB signal is rerouted completely away from the supergun's power supply.

    Jasen seems like a cool guy. Hopefully he will come up with a solution when he's back from military deployment :)
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  5. hanasu's Avatar
    Hey Pete! Honestly, if your primary goal is to upload to Youtube anyways I don't think anyone at all is going to notice the difference. I have.. a lot of opinions about the current supergun offerings. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat.
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