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05-30-2018 at 11:42 AM
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T20 - Annual Tournament at Galloping Ghost Arcade (Aug 10-12)

It's been awhile since I've posted (both wall posts and submissions!), but I wanted to take this time to invite anyone that wants to come out to our annual tournament at Galloping Ghost Arcade.

The tournament is called T20; 20 games are chosen and not revealed until the day of the event. There is a good mix of games from most genres: classics, shmups, beat'em ups, ect. Here is last years game list, to give you an idea of what kind of mix to expect if you're interested in playing:

1. Astro Blaster
2. Bank Panic
3. Blazing Star
4. Chase HQ
5. Crazy Climber
6. Crystal of Kings
7. Eightman
8. Lunar Rescue
9. Marble Madness
10. Piranha
11. Polaris
12. Q*bert's Qubes
13. Rambo III
14. Reactor
15. Rolling Thunder
16. Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator
17. Super Muscle Bomber
18. Tunnel Hunt
19. Two Tigers
20. Venture

The event runs Friday Aug 10 to Sunday Aug 12. The prize payouts are as follows: 1st - 500.00, 2nd - 200.00, 3rd - 100.00. The registration fee is 50.00, but includes admission to the arcade (over 600 games!) for all 3 days of the event. The rate is dropped to 40.00 if you pre-register here:


I hope to see some TG folks come out and shake things up! Even if you're not a serious arcade tournament player, we'd love to have you out and show you the arcade, interact with our awesome local community, and have a great time, in general.

- Pete aka "HAN"
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