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10-26-2018 at 11:44 AM
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Awesome Game Replays feat. Alien Syndrome (10/28/18)

If anyone is interested in watching/supporting, this Sunday I will be a guest host on Awesome Game Replays. We will be covering my Alien Syndrome arcade run (which is currently in the submission queue) and I will be commentating along with the run showing all the tactics and secrets that I know on the game.

It is going to be streamed at 6:30PM Central on the STG weekly twitch page:


I hope to see some TG people in the stream! :)

- Pete

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  1. spectre's Avatar

    That is Awesome Pete. I watch both this and stgweekly.

    If i can watch it live i will og Else i will definitely watch it afterwards on Youtube. Looking forward to hear you explain everything

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  2. timmell's Avatar
    Looks awesome, I'm looking forward to watch
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  3. Salim Farhat's Avatar

    I watched it a while ago and forgot to comment. I still will need to apply what you discovered. I have to admit, I did wonder what the pattern was behind the bonus points lockers. At first I thought 'random' but then I thought there had to be a pattern. I just didn't know what... and I have to admit, what you discovered? That's insane. Who would ever think to program something that elaborate into the game when 99.9% of the players just won't find it?

    That being said. While I still want to beat Donn Nauert's record. I decided that the overall top score of this game should go to you. When I do get around to making it, I won't be going for a score in excess of yours. You did a lot more to uncover the inner mechanics of this game. I might have discovered the 60K points trick when fighting bosses (destroying them in the sweet spot between the words 'zero' and 'ignition') on my own but you basically gave me the motivation to want to try it... and also a way to get 60K every time at the final boss instead of just on the first two loops.

    Also while I did say I want to try to break it on an original arcade cabinet, but like I said, that score belongs to you. So if I do end up heading down to brookfield, IL, it'll probably be when I want to go for the Alien Vs. Predator (a score that I really need to rebreak soon since I HATED my last score). Congrats on effectively mastering the game and showing the world how to master it.

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  4. HAN's Avatar

    Thank you very much for the kind words, @Salim Farhat - I really appreciate it! I had a great time figuring out all the techniques and practicing for that wonderful game. I'm glad you liked the video and I hope I explained everything clearly.

    As for Alien vs Predator, I might be able to give you a run for your money on that title, but you definitely have a better score than me for now. I'm still trying to beat it without dying currently, on my best run I died once at the last boss... I'm less interested in the top score than the "No miss" or no death run, so even if I end up getting good enough to get a great score, I'm not sure I'd challenge you for it.

    Take care!

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  5. Salim Farhat's Avatar

    The biggest problem I had with AVSP is surviving with the disc weapon on the 4th level. That weapon is absolutely essential to getting the score since it is the single biggest points winner in the game. When I do play through it again, I am clearly rusty.

    That being said, I am still trying to get over my addiction for gaming yet. I just want to take a haitus. I was successful for a short while in Jan, but I went right back to it... I wonder if I will get around it. Or end up focusing on breaking new records or rebreaking old ones (and I got a laundry list of those).

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