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07-14-2016 at 10:24 PM
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To submit, or not to submit...A Thunder Force III Mania No-Death run?

One of my goals in the last couple of weeks has been to beat the Mania (hardest) difficulty of Thunder Force III for Sega Genesis without dying aka a "no-miss" run.

I've finally managed to do it, and achieved a very good score of 6,701,900 in the process. For your enjoyment, here is my run - watch in 720p/60fps for best results!:

I'm considering submitting this run officially, but the issue I have is that the top score I believe with 100% confidence is bogus. The game simply doesn't have that many points to offer; A perfect run - not losing any lives, collecting every power up, "milking" all enemy spawns and shots would be around 6.85 million points. The score board shows a 7.9 million run, which is no way possible.

If I submit this run and, assuming it gets accepted, I now will have less of a voice in the getting the score I believe to be bogus removed. Maybe I should wait until the challenge system goes live to see what happens.
  1. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    Pete! Massive run, friend! This was very enjoyable to watch - nicely done.

    As for the submission and challenge issue, I don't see your submission of this as affecting your ability to challenge the top score UNLESS you believe that having a score on the board colors your intentions/motives to dethrone the top spot. I guess I get that... I'd wait if I were you if you think it'll affect the challenge process and if you fully intend to challenge.

    Again, really good run.
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  2. HAN's Avatar
    Thanks, I appreciate it!

    Since we don't know how the challenge system will work exactly, I'm leaning towards not submitting this run...I can imagine there might be some type of stipulation or extra burden of proof needed if you are currently ranked on the the leaderboard of a score you are challenging.
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