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07-20-2016 at 09:09 PM
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Game Room video tour - Candy cabinet farewell...?

I made a quick(ish) video showing off what is left of my gaming setup and game collection that hasn't been packed away in anticipation of my upcoming move.

Most of my classic systems and carts are already in boxes form the selling/staging process, but check out my supergun setup, and my Blast City candy cab! I really do enjoy playing on it, but I'm still not sure it will be making the move with my wife and I to the new place.

Thanks for watching!
  1. spectre's Avatar
    Great tour. Sweet belt!! Congrats of being Galloping Ghost Gamer of the Year.

    Also a very nice stick collection. The Hori VLX is sweet. Absolutely beautiful. I'm into modding and stick building myself and plan to make a PS4 stick shortly. Seems really cool with the RJ45 port so you can hook it up to anything. Can you provide a linke to someone who produces those cables?

    Good luck with the move.
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  2. HAN's Avatar
    I bought a few of the rj45 cables from focusattack.com, they have a standard USB end (for ps3/Xbox360/PC), the dreamcast cable and PSX/PS2 cable currently, it looks like:


    The others I have were from a seller on eBay that pops up randomly. I heard its not too hard to make them yourself. But the thing that sucks is that for some reason, the PS360+ is not compatible with Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive, which I could really use a stick for....oh well!
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