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04-30-2019 at 06:27 PM
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Mat Mania 30+ year World Record unofficially broken!

Galloping Ghost Arcade's had a few great scores set there recently, but this one might top them...


I do stress this is unofficial, unfortunately the first part of the run wasn't recorded properly. Lumbo will be back and said he was going to shoot for 6 million + points this Sunday, and do it live on the GGA twitch stream. I'll update everyone with more details as I get them!

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  1. terencew's Avatar

    That is some serious endurance! The game is a whole lot of repetitive moves, which requires a ton of focus.
    Then all of a sudden out of nowhere... the tiniest of momentary lapses and you get wiped by Coco!

    Amazing run! Hope to see a fully documented submission soon!

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  2. Marc's Avatar

    Very much looking forward to seeing a completed run. Thanks for the heads up!

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  3. Emayl's Avatar

    I love that game. I'm always looking out for a cab, but they never come up around here. Fantastic score!

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  4. RTM's Avatar

    A great and under-rated title. Good luck to him for 6M+ !!

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  5. Salim Farhat's Avatar

    There is something about a record set in the mid-80s being broken just like that and with few people having the opportunity to even know about it that just strangely appeals to me.

  6. ILLSeaBass's Avatar

    We had this down at our local 7-11 for a few months back when it was new. Pretty sure it's a conversion, but I may be wrong. To this day, I still like to repeat and quote that countdown "1.... 2.... 3eeeeeee" :P

    Great score, looking forward to seeing your final score up here on TG!

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