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07-24-2019 at 02:33 PM
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Fixing Karate Champ MAME tracks...help?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this and how I should proceed...

There are 2 versions of Karate Champ that were released, the original and an updated version called "Player vs Player". They can easily be told apart from each other by the scenery that the fights take place in; The original had matches taking place in a dojo (at first) and then a tournament arena, like this:

The Player vs Player version takes place on various "street" locations, and the competitors start the fight much further spaced out:

Aside from these visual differences, the gameplay in a single player game of the original is endless...the game continues until you die, and the score resets (rolls over) at a million. The Player vs Player version has a definitive end, after 12 matches against "Champion" level opponents. The scores from both version should definitely not be compared against one another due to all the reasons I've listed, and the fact the CPU's AI is improved in the newer PvP version.

The issue I have with the MAME tracks here on TG is that I am 99% certain both versions have been used for older pre-TGSAP scores. Taking a look on MARP's tracks, I can find both the first and second place scores from TG's track:

Julio Montero's 1st place TG score is 2nd place on MARP for the original version:

Tommi Tiihonen's 2nd place TG score is 3rd place on MARP for the Player vs Player version:

Is there anything that can be done at this point to correct this? They obviously should have seperate TG tracks, but how would that work? @TWIN GALAXIES @SincerelyFranny @Dave Hawksett

Thanks for anyone taking the time to read this and offer any advice!

- Pete (HAN)

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  1. D.B. Cooper's Avatar

    That 2nd place TG score was submitted to MARP back in 1999 which brings up the questions, how did it get onto TG's scoreboard? Seems pretty obvious that the incorrect rom was used. A dispute should be started and the score should be removed but I'm not sure TG is even looking at disputes anymore and even if they were I wouldn't have confidence they'd actually do the right thing. So I guess my advice would be, start a dispute and then just enjoy playing the game.

  2. EVN's Avatar

    It's pretty weird how this site works with stuff like this. For example: some MAME tracks specify a ROM version/game revision and then the equivalent Arcade track does not so anything goes?

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