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01-21-2020 at 03:35 PM
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Notifications Broken?

@JasonV91 was kind enough to do a MAME inp analysis for my submission earlier today, but as you can see I was not notified there was a response to my submission thread.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? This could be pretty bad, for example if new evidence or discussion is added to a thread you've been involved in and you don't get notified, then the pole closes and you take a CR his due to this...? I would be upset.

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  2. JasonV91's Avatar

    This has been happening for awhile now, and is a pretty serious issue, in my opinion. I know I've already been hit with a credibility loss because I didn't receive notification of replies on a submission.

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  3. EVN's Avatar

    Yeah, pretty pertinent where rules are being changed while there are in flight adjudications like what happened on Switch Puyo Puyo Tetris....

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    Its on the list...

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    Wow, pausing allowed in a puzzle game.. that's a joke. Still, if this helps anything at all, there is one user I get notifications from on my submissions and I have no idea why.

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    haha derek is magic. me too now that you mention it. others comment and i dont get a notification and dont know until i check on the thread. for derek i get he notifcations though. weird.

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    @Derek please tell us what mystic arts you use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desidious

    @Derek please tell us what mystic arts you use.

    Derek must "use" yoga. My sweatheart tells me that it's the answer to everything.



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    It's also cool @HAN that HAN is on the recommended for you widget. You should follow that guy.

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