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09-15-2016 at 01:22 PM
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Attacking my weaknesses!

I consider myself to be overall a pretty competent gamer when it comes to certain genres of games, like run-n-guns (Contra/Rush N Attack/ect), horizontal shmups (Gradius/R-Type/ect), fighting games (Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat,ect) and beat'em ups (Vendetta/Bad Dudes/ect).


For some reason, I am not good at vertically scrolling shooters - I am pretty bad at them, I'd say. They are my Kryptonite, and I've vowed to improve on them, if only slightly!

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My plan is to set some baseline scores, and submit them. You may have already seen a Galaga '88 score of about 150k. I will most likely add the original Galaga, and The End by Stern, as well as a more modern vertical shmup (maybe Dragon Saber) into the mix to see how much I can improve by the end of the year.

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  1. Lance's Avatar
    Just think of think of the up and down shooter as vertical shooter turned 90 degrees. Maybe that will help! :)
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  2. spectre's Avatar
    Good luck on your journey buddy. I know why you don't excel at vertical shooters. It's because you haven't played them as much. You're not used to the patterns in which things are unfolding infront of your eyes.

    If you're used to play Horizontal shooters you know what the typical patterns look like and what to expect. You can predict what will happen as you are used to this genre of games.

    Now, when playing a vertical shooter, you will automatically try (subconcious) this way of thinking and when the patterns don't unfold like your mind expects it to, it will automatically be a struggle.

    The only solution is to play more and program your mind to this new way of predicting and solving patterns. It's just like anything else. It takes practice.

    It's nice to see that you start from the beginning with single screen shooters like Galaga and work you way up to more modern scrolling shooters.
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  3. Barthax's Avatar
    Love the understatement about "pretty competent gamer". :D
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  4. SGO316's Avatar

    Hi HAN !!!

    good then !! i wish you good luck! and good gaming !!!

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