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10-18-2016 at 10:24 PM
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The Future of Neo Geo Arcade platform submissions...? The Neo SD!

While wandering the vastness of the web today, I stumbled upon something that looked familiar. Nice, a new SD card solution...wait, for Neo Geo MVS games?

Made by a small team of software devs, the NEO SD team has put out a video on their youtube demonstrating its product:

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More information and a 3rd party review can be found at:


I am personally very interested in getting this, having picked up a Neo Geo 1-slot that I can use in my cabinet or supergun. The price, at least right now, is the limiting factor. I may be able to justify its cost, seeing how rare MVS games like Pulstar, Nightmare in the Dark, Zed Blade, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves go for at least a couple hundred dollars each.

What does this mean to Twin Galaxies and submitting Arcade platform scores on games flashed to an SD card? We already accept Everdrive console submissions; would you adjudicate and accept a score done on a Neo SD?

Chime in and let me hear your thoughts!
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  1. Unofficialitguy's Avatar
    I think that it's very strange that Everderive submissions are accepted. There is always a possibility of ROM manipulation. Unless I'm mistaken, NG multicarts are not accepted. While this is an interesting piece of hardware and would like to try one out, I would still like to see TG keep it as close to original hardware as possible when it comes to WR
  2. Snowflake's Avatar
    I dont see the difference between this an everdrive (though I dont know the insides, maybe a tech person can give a reason to view them as different). That alone doesnt make it ok though, because the people who dont like everdrive could argue they dont want the problem to expand even further. What about jrok? is that also similiar? that's tracked but as part of its own platform. I dont know. I wouldn't argue for a reject due to the precedent set, but i personally dont like it either. I'll stay neutral on this one.
  3. Snowflake's Avatar
    I do think it could get its own tracks. I dont think anyone can say its invalid to track. The only complaint is merging it with real carts.
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