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02-08-2018 at 10:39 PM
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A message from Walter Day

Via Joel West's Facebook Wall

THIS IS FROM Walter Day who was having computer problems. He asked me to post it for him.

This is my personal belief regarding the recent allegations against Billy Mitchell.
This message is not a revelation of any new evidence, even though I have been told that new evidence is about to surface that will positively favor Billy. It is merely an acknowledgement that In all my years knowing Billy, he has never embraced MAME or used it. I am convinced he is innocent of these charges.

Many of you know that I view life as a spiritual journey and, that in the end, truth always prevails. I believe that the truth of this situation will percolate to the surface in the next few days.

But, to me, this event has brought to light an even more amazing truth about Billy Mitchell. Instead of being defeated by the relentless stress and negativity of the KING OF KONG, he has risen in stature and dignity, becoming the most prominent figure in the global Classic gaming field.

This transformation didn't happen through wealth or power, but through the grace of his kind heart and his giving nature. His cocky "Cuz I'm Billy Mitchell" attitude is merely a persona that he wears as a costume to use to entertain the world and bring fun to as many people as possible. But, beneath the costume is a kind, loving man who cares sincerely about everybody he meets. And, he has become the most famous gamer in the world and almost single-handedly was responsible for bringing competitive Classic gaming back to life. The number of people who have benefitted from his wisdom and generosity is almost countless.

I hope in time that the world is filled with more Billy Mitchells. That would be a good world.

Now, on the eve of the next revelations regarding these matters, no matter which way the forces of truth write this story, I would like to personally thank Billy Mitchell on behalf of all of us.

Thank you for being our friend and for being BILLY MITCHELL.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/joelwestthe...31675510263409

  1. NEO Un's Avatar
    Sorry, Walter... but one Billy is enough. Too many cheaters already in this World.
    About Todd, by the way, was said similar words.
    So.. let's wait and see.

    "..no matter which way the forces of truth write this story..". Actually.. it does matter. By now, you should know this, Walter.
    Peace, man.
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  2. 1500points's Avatar
    I'll reply to this since I have known Walter and Billy the longest on this forum, and it'll save some of you guys from having to express irritation......

    "But, to me, this event has brought to light an even more amazing truth about Billy Mitchell. Instead of being defeated by the relentless stress and negativity of the KING OF KONG, he has risen in stature and dignity, becoming the most prominent figure in the global Classic gaming field."

    Well that is for sure Walter's writing style. And it also outlines the very structural issue that has plagued TG from Feb 1982 up to when Jace took over after it was dead.

    The structural issue with this phrase isn't the King of Kong, it isn't Billy Mitchell.
    It's about the grandiose imagination that makes polarized statements that completely lack humility....
    most prominent. greatest. first. best of a century. all marketing twists akin to the vaudeville showmanship of the past, most noticeably Ringling Bros (ie
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Greatest_Show_on_Earth_(film) )

    It is indeed true that Walter is a gentle spiritual man. It is indeed true that Billy is a kind human being and family man. Those are very true. But they are true in context of people in normal every day life. It is not true in context of "video game" personas. This TG persona stuff is intentionally polarizing and Walter has a hard time separating his realities on this topic.

    So healing is needed for the TG community who believes in "high score chasing" but it will never come without down to earth humility and honest interactions in a community. Maybe that'll be in the future, who knows. Right now that dispute system is allowing TG to revel in viral attention from the outside world....how many more great david and goliath stories are left from the old days, Todd an Billy were cream of the crop characters......isn't it time to start writing the new david and goliath stories of TGSAP and beyond which are based on factual details? or is that not enough drama? :)

    ( Yah Snowflake I am sure you have your opinions on this, so I'll let you know that I do write that from the personal view of "no confidence" in any of TG past. that's an honest human statement, buddy)

    Why don't you guys have some fun this weekend, get an ice cream cone. I can suggest a brand.
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  3. DadsGlasses's Avatar
    @1500points thanks for sharing this. You make a lot of good points.

    What do you feel is the best way to get to a point of having “honest interactions in the community”?

    It seems like the Dispute system is trying to do just that, but obviously many people see the Dispute system as “TG Lynch Mob”.

    If honesty and integrity of the scoreboard is the goal, what do you feel is the best way to get there?

    (The human statement from me personally is that I just don’t know the answer. I am on the fence regarding how pre/post TGSAP scores should be viewed. My answer seems to change depending on the day.)
  4. 1500points's Avatar
    Hi, Whenever I make these blunt clarifications of the history stuff it always helps someone, even one is worth doing it.

    Being honest, I think that Jace had to do something. The rumblings of TGIS issues of past has been slapped in his face since he came onboard. And it is so prolific it never goes away. So after 3 years of increasing forum toxicity, he really needed it to come to a head at some point.

    I see this viral attention lately as a double edged sword in burning the barn, so to speak. It polarizes, the people here like you are emotionally brought in to even more protection of the core of what you believe in, the human value in community around score chasing.

    But the other issue is Jace figuring out where he sits. One one side he knows the business of creating drama community and the business power of attention, even if it is purely entertainment attention or immature attention. I'm picturing the chat stream on a typical TGL twitch stream.....

    So it comes to your conflict which I can't solve for you.
    Jace sees video games as real sports. he sees that real sports that are tv entertainment are full of constant heated conflict to closely paraphrase him.
    So you have value in a drama villain like this....I'd like to take this moment to apologize.....to absolutely nobody!!!!! https://youtu.be/bJWRq84_rZk

    The difficulty you guys as the inner disciples of TGIS are going to have to come to terms with your desire to have a happy joyful place to submit and share scores, verses Jace being pushed as a CEO to keep it dramatic and entertaining to pull in the business/industry/outside armchair observer.
    And then you cross paths with the old timers like Walter who have always talked a good game, but they are intoxicated by getting attention. It becomes an addiction. So they'll use TGIS past to help stay in spotlight.

    You guys are really in a growing pain. I feel bad for you as I have believed and enjoyed the high score world in the past. Heck you can see me typing on a color computer in chasing ghosts, you can see me in man vs snake. but I don't have a need to be on stage, actually i can't personally stand it and I am even an educator by profession.

    What I can tell you in closing is this. I have been around coin op since 1975ish. The skating rink was our communion place. I was around TG from 82-84. I've helped Walter/Billy show in the retro recent past. And in my own family kids and grandkids love old video games. But I shield them from knowledge of any of this TG toxic/drama stuff. They don't need to know to maintain their own sense of joy and happiness.

    I keep saying this and I believe the concept. When people put a game or a score or an organization like TG in front of their people connections, the Robotrons have already won, and the battle doesn't officially start for another 66 years.
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