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08-16-2019 at 11:34 PM
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Wasted time demystifying the 2600.

I wasted more than an hour trying to figure out where the Atari 2600 maps its collision detection and joystick inputs to.

Apparently addresses $00-$0D can be set to READ from one location and WRITE to another. For example address $00 is a trigger that can be WRITTEN to in order to begin VSYNC on the television, but it can also be READ from to retrieve collision detection for the player and missiles.

Just trippy....But I'm close to figuring out how the Atari 2600 handles it's various functions. I should have it completely figured out by tomorrow.
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    no waste bro, alot of effort is spent ruling out. the semantically correct phrasing is a paragrpah, but the poetic phrasing, though semantically incoorect is
    "sometime you have to do something to know that you didnt have to do it'

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