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09-06-2019 at 05:12 PM
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Remember How I Said I Once Built My Own Social Network...

EnigmaV is back online, the successor Enigma6 was incomplete and unstable, but I was able to uses parts from it to restore the previous version which was also damaged.

Here it is the prototype social network I created years ago! I hope to rebuild it as Enigma7! In fact I decided I'm going to toss art aside for a while until this is done. My Dragster research will continue as usual. In fact I purchased a domain specifically so I can host my research on that website.

It's only up for presentation purposes but it works, beautifully from what I can see.

Behold! EnigmaV!

Here is an except of what it was all about.

"Welcome to EnigmaV, a Social Information Network that provides the Interactive framework of the Arkonviox Network. What is EnigmaV? It is the combined aspects of a forum, a content manager, and a photo gallery all wrapped into one. It was designed to organize information for easy consumption, while at the same time encourage it's members to submit quality content. You won't find another system like it, it is one of a kind, custom made for the Arkonviox Network.

My name is Johnny de Alba, known in many circles as Arkonviox. I designed EnigmaV from scratch. Each section represents a category, containing content of different mediums. If you are an artist, you'll be able to show case your art in a corresponding section. There are sections for writers and musicians alike, however we also provide multiple outlets for discussion. The idea is community, something very few websites have been able to contain with the advent of social networks. If social networks centralize just people, then what of niche interests such as Retrogaming, or Ecco the Dolphin?

EnigmaV is just a platform, a jumping off point to something greater, but it's useless without people. That is why we encourage you to register for an account and participate. If providing input is the only thing you can do at the moment, we provide comment sections just for that. So please join us, and help us build something great!


Johnny L. de Alba"

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