What is Twin Galaxies?

Welcome to Twin Galaxies!

Founded in 1981, Twin Galaxies (tm) is the world's most preeminent professional organization, community and social platform that is solely dedicated to the recognition, promotion, support and elevation of all video game players throughout the world!

Twin Galaxies provides the ability to:

Meet many new friends with similar video game playing interests and officially compete with them if you wish!
Showcase to the world your passion and talent for video game playing by sharing your performances, pictures, tutorials or thoughts on your favorite games, platforms, events and personalities.
Participate on Twin Galaxies' famous video game leaderboards and build your permanent official Expert Skill Index rating to receive worldwide recognition, future sponsorship opportunities and potential inclusion into the Guinness Book of World Records!
TwinGalaxies.com is comprehensive eSports social platform that facilitates a competitive community and provides official structure and parameters to video game playing achievement across all electronic gaming platforms. It is where competitive video game rules are officially set, player performances are objectively measured/adjudicated, and the statistical data of official records/rankings are logged, maintained and updated.
As we all know, the video game industry has remained culturally focused on video game product as the central element of importance - and while video games can be masterful works of art themselves to be honored, Twin Galaxies has always maintained and supported the idea that the video game PLAYERS are what truly matters - and that their talents and accomplishments should be the primary focus of cultural recognition and appreciation!


Twin Galaxies facilitates and provides a social media platform to the community where competitive video game players across all categories, genres and platforms can uniquely share and discuss their performances, insights, strategies, techniques and culture.
Twin Galaxies provides a comprehensive system that can evaluate any player's video game performance and verify legitimacy (elimination of cheating.)
Once a player's performance is evaluated, Twin Galaxies provides competitive leaderboards and built in tournament systems for the performance to be measured against, recorded into, recognized and appreciated. All leaderboard and tournament results feed into a statistical worldwide ranking system, which is also recognized by Guinness World Records and is the basis for the potential creation of future economic opportunities for the individual players themselves.
Twin Galaxies works tirelessly to translate all player achievement taking place into messaging that the non-gaming mass audiences worldwide can understand and appreciate. The vision is to help to lay a consistent, data-driven, bankable foundation that sponsors can trust and use to provide opportunities directly to players and get more involved in the eSports culture!

How to sign up, get registered and become verified?

How to Sign Up, Get Registered, And Become Verified!

Locate and click the "Log in" menu item located on the upper right side of the top menu bar. When you click it a drop down menu will appear.

Click "Register" and you will be taken to the registration page. Fill out all the entry fields and be sure to read and agree to the Twin Galaxies rules and terms of service.

Once completed, click the "Complete Registration" button at the bottom of the registration page.
This will create an account with "Guest" level access which will allow a user to browse most forums but not participate in any way.

How to get registered:

When you complete the process of signing up an account with "Guest" level access, Twin Galaxies will send a membership activation e-mail to the e-mail address that you provided on your initial registration sign up form.
Within this e-mail there will be a link that you must click in order to confirm that the e-mail address you provided to Twin Galaxies is an e-mail address that you have access to.

Confirming your e-mail address will upgrade your account to "Registered" level access which will allow you to see and participate on most forums however you will not be able to participate or be recognized in the competitive or skill ranking aspects of Twin Galaxies. In order to gain full access to Twin Galaxies and everything it offers, your registered user account must be VERIFIED.

How to become VERIFIED:

Please make sure you are logged in with a registered account. If you are logged in, your username should appear on the right side of the menu bar located at the top of the website. When you click your username, a drop down menu will appear:

Locate the "CLICK TO GET VERIFIED" link located within the drop-down user menu, click the link and follow the instructions.

Participate in the Twin Galaxies Submission and Adjudication Process (TGSAP) Build Credibility Points Earn Submission Points Sponsor the creation of new Game Tracks for ranked competition Develop an accredited Expert Skill Index Rating (ESI) Use the Tournament System
Only by being a Verified user, will someone be able to fully participate in all the things that Twin Galaxies offers. Player recognition and the celebration of achievement are only credible and meaningful if Twin Galaxies and the community at large know who a person is.

Becoming "VERIFIED" means that Twin Galaxies knows who you are. It means you have proven that you are a person by willfully submitting valid identity information and Twin Galaxies has VERIFIED that information.

Your information will be kept private. It is only for the purposes of world record keeping and allowing other VERIFIED users to know that you are not anonymous to Twin Galaxies and are accountable for your score performances and other vital interactions on the website and within the community.

Twin Galaxies does not charge any fees to become VERIFIED.

While Twin Galaxies highly recommends you become VERIFIED, it is optional.

Should you choose not to verify your account, your account will remain a normal registered user which will allow you see everything, but only allow you to post and participate in the designated places for registered users. You will not be allowed to submit score performances or participate in the adjudication process.

We look forward to your participation!

How to submit a score to Twin Galaxies

Simple Submission Instructions

Welcome to Twin Galaxies! For over 30 years, Twin Galaxies has been recognized as THE world's premiere electronic games referee, having judged contests and high scores submitted by console gamers, arcades and PC gamers worldwide!

Additionally, our partnership with Guinness World Records helps to make sure that your accomplishments are not only known and appreciated within the gaming community, but to mass audiences everywhere that appreciate high level achievement!


Sign up and REGISTER

Verify your ACCOUNT.


To see how many submission points you have, you must log in to your Twin Galaxies account and click your username in the upper-right corner of the website. You will see an indicator that looks like this:

  • Twin Galaxies
  • Credibility: 1000
  • Submission points: 19
  • Player Skill Index: 1

Every VERIFIED member receives ONE (1) free submission opportunity to begin with. To earn more submission points, you must participate in the Twin Galaxies community process and correctly ADJUDICATE other people's score submissions! If you have enough submission points available and desire to submit a score to the Twin Galaxies database, follow this link, CLICK HERE


Explore the platforms and games and
find out what special rules there may
be for any record attempt.


Find a specific platform, game and track variation and submit a score to us!


Click the SUBMIT button attached to a score listing to submit for that track.

Scores can only be submitted by VERIFIED users.

VERIFIED users are users that have gone through the Twin Galaxies' user verification process, and TG maintains contact information on each user. These users are real people, who have voluntarily submitted their identity and personal information to be able to be eligible to be awarded world records and other forms of public recognition for achievement.No new world records will ever be allowed into the TG database without full name and proper contact information. TG needs to know who its participating users are, and the participating users themselves need to know that they are competing with other real and serious participants. All user information is kept private and confidential in accordance with our Terms of Service.


Submitting user's name

Submitting date

Game name and track variation


Score/Elapsed Time

Video Upload


Evidence Description

Most of these fields are self explanatory and were common to the previous Twin Galaxies referee-based adjudication process, however the Evidence Description and "Video Upload" fields are new and will be explained below. Historically, Twin Galaxies would adjudicate a score by having a person watch a score performance in person live or by having a person review a recording of a score performance. These methods are very effective, however they also severely limited the scope of score performance presentation. In an effort to accommodate the widest number of methods of score performance presentation, the TGSAP has moved to a format that allows user submission of all forms of evidence with score claim, whatever that may be, with TG simply providing very strong recommended guidelines for submission in general.

The "Evidence Description" field is the part of the submission form where you are given an opportunity to explain any details of your achievement that you feel supports your score claim. This field is driven by a fully functional WYSIWYG text editor that is also equipped to allow you to upload pictures, screenshots, and supporting documents. This is an opportunity to build your case of evidence, head off any skepticism, provide insight or simply brag about what you have accomplished. This is the opportunity to provide as much context as you feel you need to help make sure that anyone judging your claim is as informed as possible.

The "Video Upload" field is where you upload any recorded performance video that you may have of your score performance. This video is part of your overall "evidence package.” Once all of your evidence is entered and uploaded, you will click the SUBMIT button and then the adjudication process begins!

What should I put in my submission evidence package?

What should I put in my submission evidence package?

Simply put, you should provide any and all tangible proof that you can to support your score performance claim.

Our submission form has a place where you can upload a video recording (here are guidelines for your video recording) and there is also a place where you can provide a text description and any other evidence.

Twin Galaxies provides you with a sophisticated text editor built into the submission form porcess that you can use to enter this information. There are many icons at the top of the editor available to click to perform different functions. If you hover your mouse over an icon and wait a moment, you will see a quick tool-tip description of the function being provided.

For additional instructions on how to use various features of the text editor you can click here.

Twin Galaxies' appreciates your submission! It is exciting for us, and our professional community, to vigorously review your submission and deem it worthy to be entered into the Twin Galaxies Score Database.
The adjudication process begins with your submission form.

To make sure that your score submission claim has the best chance of being accepted as valid into the Twin Galaxies Score Database, it is very important that you provide any performance video, documented evidence, screenshots, text descriptions, references (or all of the above - the more the better) that clearly support and verify your claim that the submitted score was achieved honestly, fairly and within the appropriate rules and spirit of the game.

You must provide a comprehensive performance video of the score being achieved. The only video that can be considered as an official score performance is the video that you directly upload to Twin Galaxies.



Ideally Twin Galaxies would like to never have any copyrighted music in the score performances if it can be avoided. However, we do understand that sometimes people will have some music in the background as they stream live on Twitch or casually play, and the culture of live streaming has supported this to some extent. Therefore, we do allow background music to be present as long as the purpose of the video uploaded is purely to demonstrate and support a score performance claim for ranking purposes and NOT intended to be used as a music piracy distribution mechanism. We ask that submitters try to avoid including copyrighted music, but we believe that the record of a score performance is the primary point of viewer interest and trans-formative of the content, placing the music into a fair use category and we will defend this position as necessary.

If you like to play video games and listen to commercial/copyrighted music/audio while doing so, Twin Galaxies recommends that you wear headphones while recording your score performance video so that the music you listen to does not get recorded.

In order to ensure recognition by Twin Galaxies, your video evidence must be uploaded directly to the Twin Galaxies website. As of March 2018 we no longer accept video evidence hosted by a third party, including YouTube and Twitch. Any score submissions that do not follow this policy will be rejected and/or disqualified by Twin Galaxies administration.

The reason for this is that your submission will serve as a permanent accessible record of your score performance and will be linked to your score in the database.
Video links provided before this policy change are not regarded as permanent. In some cases video evidence has been removed and this counts as a valid reason for Twin Galaxies members to officially dispute these scores.
Additionally, if the video is not under the jurisdiction and control of Twin Galaxies, it means that voting members know that the video could be tampered with AFTER a vote has taken place.
These items can potentially allow questioning of the validity of your score performance to take place in the future by skeptical competitors who may not have the skill to match your performance.
The only way you can guarantee that your performance is preserved, is to upload it to Twin Galaxies as a score performance video attachment. In order to download a score performance from Twitch.tv you can use a website such as: www.TwitchTools.com

Additionally, there are other great tools that will allow you to download your performance video from places like youtube and others and they can be found with a simple google search. One such tool can be found at http://www.iskysoft.com/ but there are many others.

Obviously, what you choose to put into your score submission evidence package is up to you. The VERIFIED voting community will decide what makes sense - however, Twin Galaxies strongly recommends that you play it safe and upload your score performance videos whenever you submit a performance!

Be advised that the adjudication process is taken very seriously - so submissions with weak or highly questionable evidence will not likely be accepted. Leave nothing to chance with your submission. Be comprehensive. Be convincing. Twin Galaxies looks forward to seeing you on the other side of the adjudication process, where true achievement and recognition lives!

Guidelines for recording a video game score performance

Recommended Guidelines for Recording a Video Game Score Performance

Twin Galaxies requires that you include a comprehensive video recording of your claimed score performance in your evidence package.

Having a clear and uninterrupted video capture of your accomplishment not only helps others feel more confident in confirming the authenticity of your claim, but it also helps others visually appreciate your amazing performance!

There are numerous ways to capture your score performance (from video cameras to external and internal recording devices) and every one is valid. Your method of capturing the performance on video is entirely up to you.

However, in order to upload your video to Twin Galaxies' adjudication system, you must provide your video as a digital file. The file formats that TG will accept are exactly the same as YouTube.

What Should I Record?

Twin Galaxies accepts score performance videos for many different gaming platforms, and each platform can have its own unique characteristics with regard to what is best to include as part of your score performance. When capturing a performance, you are encouraged to make every attempt to record in such a way that the gameplay, screen, and most importantly the score portion, are unobstructed as much as physically possible.

Whenever possible, you are encouraged to record your platform being plugged in, turned on from a cold start, the game being inserted/loaded, demonstrating that all game settings are set according to the stated rules, and starting the game without any break/edit in the entire recorded sequence as described above.

Additionally, some communities around platforms (such as Arcade) sometimes carry an unstated tradition of requiring the physical hardware that you are playing on to be visibly included/inspected as part of the total score performance video. If you are still unsure what to include, please visit the Twin Galaxies forums and ask the adjudicating community what the current expectations are for the platform you would like to submit on.

Ultimately, what you include in your score performance video is up to you!

The goal is for you to give the adjudicating community as much supportive material as possible to go along with your score claim so that they can reasonably confirm your score claim to be honest, within the spirit of the game, and adhering to the stated rules.

Please just record what you believe is necessary to substantiate your claim. After you initially submit your claim, you will be afforded an opportunity to provide more evidence should it become necessary.


Ideally Twin Galaxies would like to never have any copyrighted music in the score performances if it can be avoided. However, we do understand that sometimes people will have some music in the background as they stream live on Twitch or casually play. Therefore, we do allow background music to be present as long as the purpose of the video uploaded is purely to demonstrate and support a score performance claim for ranking purposes and NOT intended to be used as a music piracy distribution mechanism. We ask that submitters try to avoid including copyrighted music, but we believe that the record of a score performance is the primary point of viewer interest and trans-formative of the content, placing the music into a fair use category and we will defend this position as necessary.

A Final Word

Please keep in mind that submitting your score to the Twin Galaxies Submission and Adjudication System means that your performance is going to be scrutinized by many people. Please make sure that you include in your recorded performance whatever else you think may be necessary to give anyone watching the confidence they need to know that no cheating is taking place and that all the TG basic rules are followed. This system is hard on cheaters, but easy on clearly legit performances. Adjudicators are solely focused on being correct in their voting so that they will build personal credibility, so no one is motivated to view your submission inaccurately on purpose. To do so would mean a drop in personal credibility because it is unlikely that everyone else voting would do the same. So the very nature of the system is just looking for truth. Be truthful and honest in your recordings and you will have few problems!

What video file formats does Twin Galaxies accept for upload?

What Video File Formats Does Twin Galaxies Accept For Upload?

Not sure which format to save your video? Receiving an "invalid file format error message when you're uploading"? Make sure that you're using one of the following formats:


For more advanced information on file formats you can read through this article on encoding settings on Youtube.com

General Gameplay Global Rules and Guidelines for all Submissions

General Gameplay Global Rules and Guidelines (GRG)

Twin Galaxies is focused on recognizing video game player achievement and elevating those achievements for the entire world to see!

As part of its function, Twin Galaxies establishes and maintains official competitive video game rules that player performances are measured/adjudicated against. Twin Galaxies provides structure and parameter to video game playing achievement. Every game is different, and there are many ways to track achievement within a game, so each game and variation of play requires its own specific rule set. These specific game rule sets are found directly in the Twin Galaxies database and are embedded / listed within each competitive leaderboard.

However, in addition to these specific leaderboard rule sets, there are General Competition Gameplay Global Rules and Guidelines (GRG) that must apply to ALL Twin Galaxies competitive platforms and leaderboard submissions*that must be considered by both the submitter and the adjudicators. *All leaderboards listed and provided under the Twin Galaxies' SPEEDRUNS platform are exempt from the GRG. For game tracks/variations listed under the SPEEDRUNS platform, only the track specific rule sets apply.

Below are the Global Rules and Guidelines that apply to all submissions:


Unless otherwise specified in a game leaderboard variation rule set, the general rule is that all games are to be played with original controllers, on original hardware, with original game software.


Emulation submissions are only accepted on platforms/tracks that are specifically set up for that purpose. If a game track rule set or platform category does not expressly mention or imply that emulation submissions are acceptable, then the default general rule is that emulation will not be accepted on that track.


The use of "glitches" or "glitch tactics" that defeat the generally accepted understanding of the spirit of the game / or reasonable interpretation of the intention of the game's designers are disallowed as a general rule.


"Leeching" tactics are banned, with the exception of a game track/variation that explicitly overrides this general rule with its own rules governing the matter within its specific listed rule set.Please see the "What is Leeching?" category help index for more information regarding TG policy on leeching in general.


The use of cheat codes, cheat devices, in-game codes and continues are disallowed as a general rule. The only exceptions to this rule are: Any game track/variation that explicitly overrides this general rule with its own rules governing the matter within its specific listed rule set.


Unless explicitly stated within a specific game track/variation rule set, the actual submitting player does not need to be visible within a performance video, and only gameplay will be examined to determine validity of a score performance submission.

What is "Leeching?" - Policy Information and Guide

What is "LEECHING?" - Information and Guide

Term - "Leeching" is also referred to as "hunting" and "point scrabbing" by both Twin Galaxies and members of the gaming Community

"A means by which a player accumulates additional points in game while engaging in activities that do not contribute to progressing to the next stage, screen or level, and while such activities are engaged, a player is not inhibited to progressing to the next stage, screen or level during commission of said activities. In general, a player should always be making a meaningful or conservative attempt towards progression within the generally accepted intended spirit and direction of the game." The rules that follow governing leeching/hunting/point-scrabbing shall apply universally to all arcade, home console, emulation, hand-held, mobile and PC-based gameplay efforts.


2.0.a - Adjudicators shall determine via it's collective experience whether any tactic(s), leeching or otherwise, either defeat the generally accepted understanding of the spirit of the game or take advantage of known or unknown programming glitches, and whether said tactic(s) should be banned. Thus, gameplay records using banned tactics shall not be recognized by Twin Galaxies for inclusion in its scoreboard.

2.0.b - Rule 2.0.a, although applicable to all gameplay efforts, may be applied differently to team-play efforts at the discretion of the Twin Galaxies Adjudicating Community when it has been determined through their collective experience that tactic(s) only possible during team-play efforts yield unfairly accumulated points not otherwise possible during single-play, and which in addition do not contribute to a meaningful or conservative attempt towards progression within the generally accepted understanding of the intended spirit and direction of the game.

2.0.c - Twin Galaxies recognizes that game titles which have a count-down time limit, hidden or otherwise, should allow a player the opportunity to maximize their score productivity within the limited time limit available, providing the tactic(s) employed by the player are not deemed banned by the track variation rules. Therefore, tactics that are not deemed banned by the specific track variation rules are allowable within the time limit constraints of normal gameplay for such titles.

2.0.d - Twin Galaxies recognizes that there may be game titles which, based on the collective experience of the Adjudicating Community, contain program glitches or flaws that affect the counter of extra lives, weaponry, shields, health units, or other game-affecting attributes, which contribute to continuance of the gameplay, and which defeat the generally accepted and understood original spirit of the game. In such cases, usage of the tactic(s) necessary to bring about such continuance shall be deemed illegal and banned under rules section 2.0.a.


3.0.a - Twin Galaxies recognizes that there are game titles programmed so that continued longevity within a section/stage/area of a game results in progressively increasing speed, difficulty and challenge while remaining in the section/stage/area in question. The Adjudicating Community shall determine via its collective experience whether a game title or performance falls into this category. If so, then so long as tactic(s) employed by the player do not violate any rules contained within section 2.0 of the Twin Galaxies policy on leeching, then the player shall be allowed to pursue additional point-earning opportunities within said sections/stages/areas at their own risk.

3.0.b - Twin Galaxies recognizes that there are game titles programmed so that additional point-earning opportunities exist based on longevity within a stage, and the Adjudicating Community shall determine if continuance within the stage violates rule sections 1.0 or 2.0.a at their discretion and based on their collective experiences. Should the Adjudicating Community determine that continuance within a section/stage/area of a title does not violate either rule section, the player(s) may continue gameplay tactic(s) within that section for the purpose of additional point scoring.

Video Game Marathoning A Policy Information and Guide

VIDEO GAME MARATHONING - Information and Guide

Section 1.0 - What constitutes a "Marathon" gameplay attempt?

Twin Galaxies currently defines a video game marathon attempt to be at least 12 hours or more played on single game start with no additional continues. Therefore, the rules below ONLY apply if the game meets or exceeds this threshold.

Section 2.0 - What games are eligible for marathons?

Only titles that have a marathon track variation set up in the Twin Galaxies database are eligible for marathons.

Section 3.0 - Can I take a "break" while performing a marathon attempt?

The Twin Galaxies' policy is that there is no formalized "break" offered. Rather, the gamer is allowed to spend as little or as much time away from their game in progress as they want, mid-attempt, and must be responsible for the results of their actions.

Thus, if a gamer wishes to rest while 800 men on "Q*Bert" are lost in the process, that is their decision to do so, and at their own risk.

During these self-imposed "breaks" the gamer's attempt must remain untouched by another individual, or the game attempt becomes void. However, during this time, the controls may be adjusted / tightened providing the actions are caught on camera.

Some games have a non-glitch tactic available which allows the gamer to set up or create an artificial "break" in the action, which further allows them to enter a state where their game is in little or no danger of changing in immediate status for a period of time. Such titles would be the “pacman-type” series in which "hiding spots" allow refuge for a few minutes until the ghosts reverse directions.

Such tactics are allowable ONLY IF this situation is temporary and eventually changes on it’s own accord. However, some non-glitch tactics can provide refuge for an indeterminate period of time. Using these tactics, only a fifteen (15) minute break is allowed every 3 hours.

For example, in "Tron", a gamer in the "Red Tank Wave" can hide in the top right corner for a lengthy period of time, and is therefore invalid for usage in marathon gameplay unless the gamer only does so for 15 minutes every 3 hours.

Means of pausing an arcade marathon attempt resulting from glitches, such as the freezing of the game in "Defender" and "Q*Bert" are expressly forbidden, are prohibited and would invalidate the attempt.

3.0.b - Can I use "pause" during my marathon?

For the home console format, using pause for any reason is not permitted.

3.0.c - If I decide to rest away from my game, is a 3rd party person allowed to wake me up?

Yes, another individual may wake you from a state of sleep. Or you can utilize a clock if necessary. Either is acceptable.

Section 4.0 - Can my arcade joystick, buttons or monitor be fixed mid-attempt?

Yes, providing the maintenance or replacement is captured on film. These actions can be undertaken while the gamer is on or off "break" at the gamer's own risk. Home console players cannot use a "pause feature" to switch joysticks or controller pads mid-gameplay, and must switch joysticks or controllers at their own risk

Section 5.0 - Am I employing a tactic or technique that invalidates my attempt?

Gamers are encouraged to consult the Twin Galaxies forums in advance of their attempt to determine for their title if any tactics they plan to use would potentially invalidate their score attempt in the view of the Adjudicating Community.

Such tactics would theoretically include usage of infinite loops in game behavior, such as can be employed in "Super Smash TV" (SNES) in the stage entitled "Buffalo Herd Nearby" in which a gamer can evade their enemies for as long as necessary via constant encirclement, providing the herd count does not fall below a certain threshold.

Point-scrabbing, hunting or leeching techniques may also invalidate your gameplay. Gamers are again encouraged to consult the Twin Galaxies forums to determine if their point-acquisition tactics are legal or banned, if known to be so, or if the tactic is not known, then it is the responsibility of submitting gamer to consult the Twin Galaxies forum community and work to determine for a fact whether the tactic(s) in question are valid point acquisition tactic(s) or not.

Section 6.0 - Is another individual allowed to interfere in my gameplay attempt on my behalf in any way other than waking me up from a "break"?

No. 3rd party individual(s) are not allowed to touch the game controls or dip switches in any way and exercise dominion over the gameplay in progress. The act of doing so immediately voids the marathon attempt.

Section 7.0 - What if my gameplay ends as a result of unforeseen circumstances?

Twin Galaxies acknowledges that, as with all gameplay attempts, physical interruptions can occur...cables become disconnected, video recorders stop recording, cords become unplugged, RTF cables "shift" and images become too grainy to see during home console play, or other "Acts of God" may occur.

Your final score will be recognized as that which was achieved, demonstrated and presented before the attempt ended.

Official MAME Platform Submission Rules and Guidelines

Official MAME Submission Guidelines

MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with an arcade game's data files (ROMs, CHDs, samples, etc.), MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose system. MAME can currently emulate many thousands of classic arcade video games from the very earliest CPU-based systems to much more modern 3D platforms. For submissions using the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulation platform, Twin Galaxies only accepts submissions from a special version of MAME called, WolfMAME.

WolfMAME is a specially created version of MAME that supports recording 'inp' files. These files allow your gameplay to be played back by others and examined in real time.
There are many versions of Wolf MAME that are available. Submitters are free to use whatever version they would like. However, it is a requirement that submitters enter in the 3 digit version number of the version of WolfMAME that was used for the score performance.


All submissions MUST include the .INP and video footage directly uploaded to Twin Galaxies. Failure to include either in your submission will invalidate your submission.


AUTOFIRE IS NOT ALLOWED! [There are 0 exceptions barring it being an in game feature that is NOT controlled by Dip Switches] Use of it will result in your score being automatically rejected. This means ALL external sources for Autofire [such as joysticks] and ANY Dip Switches that turn on Autofire.


All Mame Submissions are 1 Shot attempts! This means when you make a recording, your 1st attempt is what counts. If you think you sucked, or died too easily or any number of wonderful things, please note that you can simply hit Escape to stop recording and then choose to record again. This is due to the fact that unlike a linear digital recording, there is no means to rewind an .INP file..and even Fast Forwarding is a chore if you're 12th attempt is the one you completely dominate the world at, but it took 8 hours of playing in the recording to get to it.


If present, NVRAM should be deleted before recording as any NVRAM use is disallowed. It is also recommended that submitters rename their .INP and .WLF files in the following manner, if possible: Initials-RomName-Score


Under no circumstances should someone submit an .INP or .WLF file that is not their own. Submitters discovered doing this may receive a lifetime ban from Twin Galaxies.


Please make sure you read the settings for each game AND Use the correct Romset! Using the incorrect romset will result in your score being rejected. Using the incorrect settings will also result in your score being rejected.


It is the TG MAME policy that playback speeds should retain a minimum speed of 95%. If ever there is an exception to this ruling, it will be posted in the game's track rules settings.


Twin Galaxies has a general policy on keyboard mapping which allows at our discretion a player to map movement and action/fire keys as one. Generally we allow this for titles such as, but not limited to, dual-joystick games. If you're unsure if this is permissible for a specific title, please feel free to consult the Twin Galaxies forum community and they will do their best to help you.


Please make sure that you are using Frame Skip 0 and have the \"Draw All Frames\" option in use. Automatic Frameskipping is a rejectable offense as it creates playback issues.


For specific titles where you MUST go into a Service Menu for settings, all settings must be changed according to the rules specified in the specific score track you are submitting for or your score may be invalidated. This includes and is not only limited to, Williams games, Neo Geo games, later CPS2 titles where there are no dip switches.


For games that have a BIOS file, [Neo Geo, for example] please leave the Bios settings at the default settings. [Configurable in the GUI versions] If ever there is a game that DOES require a change from this, information will specifically be provided in the game track rules settings.


All MAME submissions are expected to follow all generally accepted and announced TG gaming guidelines during commission of your gameplay...no cheat codes, no turbo controllers, no glitch-abuse or non-approved hunting/leeching tactics, etc.

How does Twin Galaxies adjudicate scores?

Twin Galaxies utilizes a one-of-a-kind, highly controlled, blind system of "peer review" in order to adjudicate scores. Participating in the Twin Galaxies adjudication process can earn you greater credibility within the community as an expert, as well as grant you additional submission points so you can send in more of your score performances!

The "adjudicating peers" that review submissions are all qualified VERIFIED users of the Twin Galaxies community.


Adjudicators do not know when a voting period will end.

Adjudicators do not know where a vote currently stands.

Adjudicators do not know exactly how many people have voted.

Adjudicators do not know exaclty how many votes it will take to close a vote.

Adjudicators have no control of the adjudication process. All they can do is vote YES or NO.

All adjudicators will ever know is what THEY have voted.


Adjudicators are not rewarded for personal bias, distortion of fact, or alarmist skepticism. In fact, they are penalized for this behavior. It is very important to understand while adjudicating, that the goal is to be REASONABLE in your review and measurement of the presented evidence.


Being skeptical, for the sake of being skeptical is not considered a reasonable position to take. Pointing out remote possibilities, or taking a position of "anything's possible" for the sole purpose of casting doubt about a particular submission is not in the spirit of Twin Galaxies and will be penalized.


It is very easy to create theoretical arguments to cast doubt on something. An argument can be made to support the idea that your very existence on Earth is in doubt! The Twin Galaxies adjudication process is no place for philosophical gesturing in this manner!


Your goal, and the goal for other participating adjudicators is always just to look at what is being presented in a submission and make a REASONABLE decision regarding its validity.
Adjudicators are rewarded for evaluating submissions and judging them objectively and reasonably.

How can I participate in the adjudication process?

At the top of each submission is a poll mechanism that asks a simple question.


If when reviewing the evidence, there are questions or concerns, you can utilize the discussion thread that is part of the submission thread and directly raise those questions or concerns with the original submitter and other community members.

The original submitter is able to respond and participate in the discussion as much as desired. If you need more evidence to satisfy your concerns, you can ask the original submitter to add it to the submission thread.

When the voting period ends, the submission thread is closed and the final results are computed and the score is either ACCEPTED into the Twin Galaxies database, or it is REJECTED. If the score is ACCEPTED, the now-permanently-closed-submission-thread is moved to the ADJUDICATION ARCHIVE, under the ACCEPTED category as a permanent record and visible reference of the adjudication and the newly entered score in the database is hot-linked to this permanent record for all see.

If the score is REJECTED, the now-permanently-closed-submission-thread is moved to the ADJUDICATION ARCHIVE, under the REJECTED category as a permanent record and visible reference of the rejected adjudication result.


Adjudication Basic Guide: What to look for?

As an adjudicator, you are being asked a simple question:


You perceive that the score was achieved according to the specified rules.

You perceive that the score is honest.

You perceive that the score was achieved within the intended sprit of the game

Of course, you can never be 100% sure about anything in this universe - but like many things in our lives, you can be 'mostly' sure about them... At least sure enough to feel that something seems valid enough to you. So after reviewing all of the submitter evidence, after reading any comments from other users on the Twin Galaxies site, what do you believe? What do you think others who are voting will believe?

That's it

To be a successful adjudicator, it is important to be REASONABLE about your judgments. Use your common sense!

Being an extreme skeptic, seeing conspiracy in every nuance, or carrying an artificial bias will lead you toward an incorrect judgment that will not be in line with what everyone else might reasonably believe when reviewing the same evidence - and that will put you on the "losing" side of an adjudication procedure, causing you to lose valuable credibility points and reputation!

On the other hand, you must not be unreasonably easy with your judgments either. Failing to identify someone who is clearly cheating will also wind up damaging your credibility and reputation as well!

It's a delicate balance, but the main goal is to be reasonable and have fun with the process!

Now with that being said, it is still important that objective and clinical care is taken when adjudicating scores. Below are a few general things to look closely at when trying to make an adjudication determination:

Has the original submitter failed to follow up on the submission thread if additional questions have been asked by adjudicators in the thread? Again, this is not proof that there is cheating going on, but a failure to respond to legitimate voter questions should raise an eyebrow.

Has the original submitter played the game in such a manner that you feel it is in the intended "spirit" - or have they accomplished their score performance in a grotesquely exploitive fashion that would utlimately ruin the fun of the game for anyone who would attempt to match it?


Also, for great examples of styles and techniques that demonstrate gameplay that is not in the "spirit" of a game: You can check out MARP's list of banned techniques.

Finally, here are some thematic examples of specific kinds items to keep an eye on and should not be allowed:

Improper Hardware Settings: Dip switches not set correctly, etc
Cheat Devices: Game Genies, Action Replays etc are not allowed.
Hardware Modification: Console games must be run on offical hardwarw. Offical mods like the PlayStation 2 HDD are allowed, but unoffical mods like the PS2 HD Loader are not. This section does not apply to PC games, as they have no stock hardware.
Software Modification: Removing or altering any part of a game is forbidden. Examples include software mods, the crooked cartridge trick, or disk streaming. Editing config files and console commands for PC games beyond the scope of the in-game settings are only allowed for purely cosmetic changes that grant no gameplay advantages.
Input Modification: Console players may use third-party controllers, but may not use features not present on controllers bundled with the system. For example, auto- or turbo-fire controllers are banned, except for the TurboGrafix-16 where stock controllers have it. Pressing up and down or left and right simultaneously on a dpad is not allowed as it requires hardware modification in order to do so. PC gamers may use any reasonable input device and remap keys, but may not use macros, scripts or programmable keyboards to automate button-presses.
Codes & Cheats: Beneficial cheat codes of any kind, such as invincibility codes, debug or console options, and so forth, are not allowed.

Please remember, the primary goal is to just be REASONABLE with your judgement, and not become a private investigator and over complicate things!

The main question you must always ask yourself is, "Based on what is being presented do I reasonably believe that this submission is honest and true?"

How can I add a new game or game variation to the database?

How to Add a New Game or Game Variation to the Database

If Twin Galaxies does not currently track a game or a provide a game leaderboard with a specific ruleset that you would like to compete on, Twin Galaxies provides the ability for you and the community to add new tracks to the Twin Galaxies official database directly!


Proposal and Sponsorship.

First an individual user must "purpose" a game track to be added and supply an accompanying ruleset for how competition will be measured on that track.

Once proposed, the community will then be able to "sponsor" the proposal.

If a proposed game track receives enough sponsorship, it will become an official part of the Twin Galaxies database.


You must be a VERIFIED user.
Click the "Propose new track" from the drop down menu under SCORES/RANKS. .
Please fill out the submission form completely and accurately.
Click "submit"

In order to submit a proposal for a new track, you must have at least 10 submission points.

When a track is formally submitted, it is placed in the NEW GAME TRACK MARKETPLACE, where it must await additional sponsors to review and donate more submission points until the total amount needed to accept the track is accumulated.

In order for the track proposal to be accepted into the database, the system has been currently set to require an additional 25 submission points to be donated toward the track proposal.

Any VERIFIED user can donate to any track that they want to sponsor. Donating to your own proposal is allowed.

The minimum donation is 2 Submission Points.


When a track receives all its needed donations, the TOP 2 sponsors who donated the most submission points to the proposed track will be awarded the honorary title of FOUNDER and their names will appear in the database next to the accepted track. The original user who proposed the track will always receive the award of founder if the track is accepted.

You are allowed to "over donate" to any track. For example, if a track only needs 5 more submission points to be "paid in full" but you want to be certain that you get a "FOUNDER" rating, you are allowed to donate as many points toward that track that you think might get you there. It is all up to you!



THERE IS A STRICT "NO REFUNDS" POLICY IN PLACE WITH THIS SYSTEM. Once you donate, or submit a track proposal, any submission points you used will be gone. Please make your decisions carefully! We are excited to bring this new addition to you and your thoughts, participation and feedback are appreciated!

What are Credibility Points (CR), Submission Points (SP), and the Expert Skill Index (ESI)?

What are Credibility Points (CR), Submission Points (SP), and the Expert Skill Index (ESI)?

There are 3 important numbers that are associated with a VERIFIED Twin Galaxies User Account:

Submission Points (SP)

Credibility Rating (CR)

Expert Skill Index (ESI)

Submission Points (SP)

This number represents the "money" of Twin Galaxies.

The spending of earned Submission Points are the primary means that allow a user to submit score performances and acquire or make use of other valuable Twin Galaxies functions or offerings.

Submission Points can be earned by participating in Twin Galaxies' Submission and Adjudication Process(TGSAP) or other Twin Galaxies' specified activities within the site and community.

You can go to this area of the site and vote on other people's submissions:


You will find a poll at the top of each score submission asking you to accept or reject the submission based on the evidence provided.

Once you vote, you must wait for the vote to "close" (enough people must vote on it and time must pass.)

When the vote closes, if you are on the "winning" side of the collective voting process, you will receive a submission point reward and your personal credibility will increase!

You can vote on as many performances as you would like. In a very short time you can have many submission points.

Generally speaking, the more a user engages, participates and contributes to the Twin Galaxies community, the more avenues to earn SP become available over time.

Credibility Rating (CR)

This number represents how much power a user's vote carries within the Twin Galaxies adjudication system.

The Twin Galaxies adjudication system is driven by a very controlled peer-review voting process. This means that every participating member is given the ability to vote on score performances and the total outcome of the voting process yields a final result.

As a user's voting track record evolves over time, his/her CR will reflect the total level of expertise that they have displayed and accumulated. The higher the CR, the greater the voting power is.

This means that all votes are not equal in the system and the users who invest more of their time in the adjudicating process will generally have more impact on adjudicating outcomes than users who participate less.

As a user builds up their CR rating, they are building a legitimate and documented track record of their expertise in video game performance review that can be referenced by media and industry!

Expert Skill Index (ESI)

The Expert Skill Index Rating is a summary index that represents the total verified and demonstrated video game skill of the user.

Every individual ranking that a TG member has on the scoreboard produces a calculated point value. The cumulative point values for every rank position held is then calculated together to produce that member's ESI.

There are several factors that go into the calculation of the point value of a ranking:

Here is the actual calculation:

X = (number of people on leaderboard - CurrentPlayerRank)

AverageRankPercent = Sum(All Rank Percent in the Leaderboard)/Number of Players on Leaderboard

ScoreRankPercent = (PlayerScore / Top Score on LeaderBoard) * 100

if CurrentPlayerRank = 1


ESI VALUE = X + (X * (1 - ( AverageRankPercent/100))


ESI VALUE = (X + 1 - Number of Players on Current Rank)+ [(X + 1 - Number of Players on Current Rank) * (1 - (AverageRankPercent/100)) * ScoreRankPercent/100)]

TOTAL ESI = sum(all player's leaderboard values)

The ESI score concept is a powerful, logical, holistic statistical measurement system that can analyze total achievement across all video games, platforms and categories.

Users can compare this number to other members to see literally how they rank against each other according to the sum total of their achievements within Twin Galaxies. Now, players can compete on a level that does not require them to play the same games if they don't want to.


Senior Member

Expert Skill 111..0077)

World Reoords: (35)

Other Records: (45)

Activities that can get you banned for life!

Activities That Can Get You Banned For Life!

Twin Galaxies and its community takes its scores and adjudication process very seriously. Everyone works together to ensure we have a credible and fun scoreboard to participate on.

While Twin Galaxies will always be as fair and as even-handed as possible in areas of policy violation, there are some things that will not be tolerated and if a user is found to be taking part in any of the activities below, they will be banned from participating in the Twin Galaxies Submission and Adjudication Process for life.


Agenda based collusion that attempts to manipulate a submission vote outcome

False user accounts

Deliberate cheating of any kind

Submitting a video performance that is not their own

Submitting a video performance that contains copyrighted music or other material.

There have been numerous systems put in place to look for the above items. If you are identified as having violated any of the above concerns, it may result in the end of your participation on this scoreboard, forever. Please be mindful of this.

While we understand that a lifetime ban can seem pretty harsh, we feel that this position is necessary to take to build and maintain the community confidence in the scoreboard during this new era of Twin Galaxies.

Both Twin Galaxies and the community are investing into the renewed future of chasing scores and marking achievement for the purpose of much greater recognition and overall opportunity, so it is critical that we work together to maintain the highest standards we reasonably can and protect our collective investment from fraud or distrust.

All of us should keep an eye out and focus on making sure the new scores going into Twin Galaxies scoreboard are fair, honest and most importantly FUN!

Join us