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01-18-2018 at 02:19 PM
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It's time to give more points for longer submissions

Sorry, but it's insanity that a person who watches a 10 hour long video game video gets the same amount of points as the person who watches a 5 minute video. There needs to be a reward system for longer video game videos.
If you don't you'll continue to see longer videos stay in submission limbo for a much longer time. It's time to change the system!
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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    Eh, I don't think it was a slight for that to not be addressed, it just takes sharp thinking to notice, good one, Man.

    That makes a whole lot of sense, TG, I've had a couple long ones get stuck simply for their length.

    Yeah, I'm on board with that one, makes sense to me.
  2. Snowflake's Avatar
    going with that they should probably cost more submission points too. I imagine the real issue is a technical one. It would require direct uplaoding to TG for tg to know the lenght of the video. And even that has issues as sometimes its an hour long video of the same 5 minutes being reattempted over and over. You need the whole video to see the bootup at beginning, but you can also fast forward to the performance at the end.

    so while it makes sense in theory, I dont think its quite "insanity" on TGs part due to the technical difficulties of making it happen.
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