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04-02-2017 at 05:10 PM
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Temp Post: Streaming Millipede in a Few Moments at Galloping Ghost Arcade

I hope everyone is having, or had a great first weekend of April! Earlier today Sunday the 2nd, I saw a movie my younger sister recommended. It's a powerful, compelling, inspiring film. I'm glad I got a moment to myself after that at cafe around the corner from the iconic Siskel Film Center for a good cry and experience my sadness. Here's more on the film:

After I left, I hopped the Metra train to downtown LaGrange, IL and am now at the arcade, going to stream some Millipede and hoping for a new personal best, please tune in if you can: :)

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    Ok, so I'll be streaming more Millipede this evening Thursday the 13th, on the same channel linked above, around 8pm'ish (though perhaps closer to 9pm'ish) U.S. Central Time (that's an hour before eastern time). I'm hoping for a new personal best, but you never know when one of those might happen, hehe. Please tune in if you're able. I'll prolly go 'til even after Settle it on the Screen, shout outs to the hosts, and huge thanks to GGA HAN for setting the stream for me this evening! :) -Duc
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    Alright, it's short notice, but I'm streaming Millipede, same channel as above:

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    Here I am again, streaming Millipede, cheers! :)
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