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07-01-2018 at 11:01 AM
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Commodore Breadbin and Vic-20, latest finds.

Latest additions to my collection, Craigslist finds... Original Commodore 64 Breadbin and a Vic-20 complete with Ram upgrade carts, VicModem, Omega Race, Jupiter Lander, working power supplies and original matching serial # boxes (with Styrofoam inserts) for both.

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I shelled out $100 for the lot which I think was a pretty good deal. Look for a Vic-20 Omega Race score from me in not too distant future.
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  1. Snowflake's Avatar
    I'm impressed, it looks like your cat isnt though
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  2. kernzyp's Avatar
    Awesome !!
    How much, if you don't mind?
    Nice cat! What's his name?
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  3. ILLSeaBass's Avatar
    $100 for the lot. Cat is Ollie.
  4. kernzyp's Avatar
    Great price, man.
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  5. ivanstorm1973's Avatar
    Great condition , bargain
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  6. oORaydenOo's Avatar
    Good old times when you bought something and got a cat for free.... :D nice stuff
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  7. ivanstorm1973's Avatar
    Poor Ollie getting a tough time of it, c'mon guys lay off the cat....but he is probably thinking what a $100 of cat food would have looked like
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  8. EVN's Avatar
    That Vic20 looks to be in nice condition. That was my first computer, used to have Choplifter, Chess and some commodore copy of PacMan that used a commodore logo as PacMan on cart. On cassette there was this game called Amok, my mum would load it for me so it was ready to play when I got home from school. Good times :D
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  9. nads's Avatar
    Awesome! I'm jealous!
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