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10-21-2018 at 10:37 AM
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Weekend Atari & C64 Pickups

Atari 2600 Vader & Video Game Center. 5 CX sticks, 2 sets of Paddles, NES Top loader w/Tetris and sticks. Manuals for all of the 2600 cartridges, Atari Force comics, & manuals for games not included. Amazingly all in like new condition.

Here's the Video Game Center. I honestly can't remember ever seeing one of these without the top cracked or shattered, even back in the day.

25 Carts and Combat in original box.

Woody... Composite Mod for both this and Vader soon...

Same lot, 64C w/side attachment joystick, 1541 drive, 1702 CRT, 6 carts (Fast load, Kickman, Pinball), Original Commodore data cassette unit, a GEO RAM 512 ram expansion cart (can't wait to try that one out), Multi-Cartridge expander perph., & a box of all commercial/educational disks...

Two sealed 5 1/4 floppy boxes, a few mags, an unopened Star Trek game disk & a whole bunch of sealed/unsealed educational packs. The markdown stickers read "Originally $19.99, now $2.41".. Lionel was having a clear-out...

Different lot, just another C64 Breadbin with original box, matching serials.

Tons of testing to do. Everything here is either pristine from being stored away correctly for many years. The rest will look great with a little cleanup. Cheers!

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    I have that Atari Force comic, definitely a treasured possession.

    Good Stuff, as always!!!


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    Nice stuff 👍

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