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02-23-2019 at 02:54 PM
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Rambo C64 EMU Track?

@admin staff Any idea where the EMU track went to for ... if it was never added, is that something TG will do as they originally created the game track (NTSC/PAL)?

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    According to a spreadsheet I used to keep, the EMU track was never created.

    I'd gladly offer to help create the track but you have triple the submission points that I possess lol.

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    k, I'll create it soon here.. I just wasn't sure if TG would just create the EMU track as they had created the other 2 for this title. Sub points weren't a concern at all. I haven't played Rambo in a while but remember it has good music and damn tough.

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    I just donated the last 5 credits. Let me know what else is needed as I've yet to create a track here.

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    The "Twin Galaxies" created tracks are from different generations of referees. There were some periods when emulation was banned from TG, the "great NTSC/PAL/EMU split" simply didn't create EMU tracks if there were no confirmed EMU scores and other times when referees simply missed something - humans at the helm. ;) If someone really wanted to dig then @Rage was C64 ref for a a good while & could probably shed light on the circumstance.

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    Of course, @RaGe , not Rage...

    [Edit:] Stupid thing then corrects my intentional mistake in this one but not the accidental mistake in the prior post?! Then when I go to edit this so that the posted message actually makes sense, it deletes the second mention before I get to edit it?!

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    When emulation was terminated, I went through the database and grandfathered all of the emu scores. There's nothing to grandfather on emu tracks without any scores, so I deleted them, since leaving them would cause confusion. When Jace brought TG back online, they brought emulation back by un-grandfathering all of the scores. They didn't add the tracks I deleted, but really, how would they know to do that? So you'll see some emu tracks missing for the C64 and the 2600. The most will be missing from the ColecoVision, as there wasn't too much emu action there, so that had the most tracks deleted.

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