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08-02-2020 at 06:42 PM
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Intellivision Score Codes

I've been asked to provide this list for reference: for Intellivision adjudicators and players ... there are scores and number of lives that run out of characters on the display. For example, on He-Man, the number of lives you can have is limited to one digit. So after you have 9 men, if you gain another man, you will see COLON ":" instead of the number 10.

On Space Hawk, at 13 million points, you will see "=000000" instead of 13000000. Although the codes on the scoreboard and number of lives appear to be gibberish, they are not. They are consistent across all games on the console. The computer in the console counts with these codes.

Since most of the codes use letters, watch for the Upper Case Alphabet followed by the Lower Case Alphabet.

Here is a list of codes from 10 to 51 for reference:

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  1. datagod's Avatar

    You should consider creating a WIKI entry for this.

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    it appears they used ascii but removed the first 47 characters as intellivisoin has no need for the first 47. also theres huge benefits to have the code for "5" be "5" unlike in asci where the code for "5" is "53".

    i doubt hte programmers ever intended these symbolls to be used as numbers. they likely just have all these symbols in memory to be referenced for well when they're intended. the code probably says "since 0 starts at 0 and 1 stats at 1.... to find how to draw a number just look at that place in memory" in asci to know how to draw a number you have to look in the table at 48 + the number. in intellivision no need for the "48 +" math, they intelligently changed the chart so the info on how to draw the number on screen exists in the numbers location. if you wanna draw a 9, look at spot 9. problem is if you wanna draw something bigger than 9 it just goes down the chart further than it should and finds those other characters

    this happens alot. happens in popeye arcade, tapper, super mario bros. when a number gets to big, it just goes to the character chart and starts using things where that number would be. i remember there was an atari game, i think donkey kong where a simliar things happens with using too big a number so looking for an entry in a table thta doesnt exist and instead getting data from the next memory location.

    neat stuff.

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    oh but whats cool about popeye arcade and super mario bros nes, is instead of other printable characters, the next thing in the chart is sprites. so for example in popeye you may find an olive oil heart representing your number. in super mario bros nes you may have the sprite for a portion of a cloud or some other game graphic representing your number

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    Incredible!!! Yes, that’s it!!’ The same list order!

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