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03-01-2021 at 01:48 PM
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Become a Founder for new Popeye Skill Levels on Intellivision

Please view the proposed new leaderboard section at TG if you want to donate to the new Popeye Skill 2 Track. Once it is created, I'll create a track for 3 and 4 as variants to save some credits as Pixe explained to me last time!!! Thank You.

@Rickster8 @RaGe @jmb @timmell @JJT_Defender @GregDeg @Garrett Holland @Marco1019 @Pixe Sukola @Luigi Ruffolo @RTM

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    @Rogerpoco @IntyFanMatt @Snowflake

    Some of my shout-outs got erased ... I guess there's a maximum amount of shout-outs per thread.

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    @Pat Larocque

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    wow that went through before i could jump on it

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    @bensweeneyonbass @nads (Some shout-outs got erased guys)

    I created new proposed tracks for Skill 3 and 4 if you wish to donate!

    Thanks Ben! Thanks Everyone !!!

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    He's making lots more. Watch the recent activity feed. I funded a couple. Your turn.

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    I'll found some to start just lemme know how to word them. Seems pretty easy and consistent.

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    That's it for today :)

    Thanks !!!!

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    I'll submit a decent score on each track in the coming days to get the ball rolling!

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    well, those went thru fast!!!

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