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Jace Hall
Posted At : 06-25-2020 at 11:00 AM.


Should Twin Galaxies create a FPGA platform category, and then just have any game / platform EMU track that uses FPGA be created there? It would be pretty varied in terms of what gets listed but there would at least be a place for all FPGA EMU Games...Suggestions?The goal is to support FPGA but

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Jace Hall
Posted At : 04-27-2020 at 01:14 AM.

Dispute Item...and a comment on perspective...

Greetings all.There has been some contention around this dispute, which had some members feeling that it was not addressed appropriately. I want to talk about it, and another item that relates so please bear with me...The contention around the resolved dispute was that there was a belief that the whole

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Jace Hall
Posted At : 04-19-2020 at 04:25 AM.

The Entire Site is Now FASTER... YES! PROBLEM FIXED!

I think this may be the fastest the site has EVER been since 2014.... What do you think?Many thanks to @admin staff !!!

Jace Hall
Posted At : 04-18-2020 at 01:46 PM.

30MM Zookeeper Jump by Twitch Streamer "dwwnp" - AMAZING

This is amazing! His reaction is PRICELESS!WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAATTTTTTT???????

(click image to see jump)
I wonder if @lexmark felt a disturbance in the force...hmmmm......

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