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Jace Hall
05-13-2022 at 10:56 AM
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Personal Update

As some of you know, Twin Galaxies is not my only work responsibility. :) A couple years ago I co-founded a video game development and publishing company called HiDef, Inc and have been quietly working on designing video games across multiple platforms as well as being part of the senior executive group and board.

This takes up a fair amount of my time but is well worth the effort and certainly works to ensure the future of Twin Galaxies and its community! (More on this soon)

In any case, HiDef is starting to reveal some of the work and accomplishments it has been doing and today it finally revealed its advisory board.


It is essentially an unprecedented assembly of some very accomplished people from diverse cultures & industries who chose to invest, advise and support the company. These are friends and advisors to me and my other co-founders and it has been great to be working with them. The list isn't comprehensive but it is a good glimpse into behind the scenes.

Anyway, more will get revealed over time but the main point of me highlighting this is to help the community understand a few important items:

1.) Rest assured that although Twin Galaxies organically moves forward slowly step-by-step, it absolutely continues to have a bright future and direct access to the means to enable its vision.

2.) I remain actively involved in the video game industry at the highest executive levels. I stay current and informed on all modern gaming trends and technologies. I specifically study and research video game technologies so that I am certain that I understand them at a reasonable granular level. My knowledge also includes blockchain extensively as well. I just don't publicly talk about what I'm doing much.

3.) My ongoing participation in the video game industry is helpful for Twin Galaxies and its community. I strongly believe that the community's investment of time and involvement with Twin Galaxies and video game achievement is very important, therefore I represent and communicate that importance to people at the highest executive levels of the video game space whenever the opportunity presents itself. This has been occurring over time and although the community can't yet feel the positive results I want to assure you that progress is being made where it needs to be made. It matters.

Anyway, that's it for now but there will be more to say in the near future. In the meanwhile, I just want to say that I personally appreciate the entire community and will continue to do my best to improve Twin Galaxies overall.

Speaking of that, @admin staff has been working on some improvements that will hopefully come online soon.

Warm regards,


  1. datagod's Avatar

    I've been following your posts on Linked In. Thank you for sharing this news on Twin Galaxies. Blockchain technology is so much more than just coins -- as I am sure you know already. I have always been involved in distributed computer systems and I look forward to see what Hi Def has in store. My guess is games that take place in the soon to be revealed metaverse, and powered by blockchain technology.

    I look forward to seeing the games. Bring em on!

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