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Jace Hall
06-14-2022 at 11:04 PM
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Growth and Exposure on Facebook

Just saw this today and wanted to share.


No paid advertising or boosting. None. Zero.

Just normal everyday posts highlighting TG member’s achievements.

It keeps growing. Good stuff!

Glad to see TG member’s achievements getting more and more exposure than ever before!

Congrats to all members! Keep achieving and TG will keep working to help the world appreciate the talent and skill and dedication that you all demonstrate!

  1. LAH16's Avatar

    Will definitely do my best to keep achieving and aim even higher.

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  2. Ninglendo's Avatar

    This ad had almost 1 million views, 47 likes, 1 comment, and 6 shares. Imagine if a YouTube video had almost a million views and only 47 likes and 1 comment.

  3. Jace Hall's Avatar


    It might be even cooler to Imagine if it was more widely understood that Facebook is nothing like youtube in terms of how it works and that it's quite possible a particular user may or may not be presented with the same thing on the platform.

    For instance, one might see the post above, or one might see this one alternatively:

    Or one might see this one, which seems to present differently from the other two:

    Or how about this one:

    Perhaps this one?

    The list goes on and on.

    The Facebook algorithm appears to surface original source content from time to time in different ways at different moments. Any one single post may not be completely reflective of the complete impression/reach/viewcount of the original source content it is surfacing.

    As you see here, they reference the same video source - they are not different uploads:

    ETC. ETC.

    There are a number of them. It's the way that the Facebook system seems to propagate certain post types for gaming video creator pages it seems.

    Here are just a few of the numerous entry points:




    People can see for themselves.

    This is the summary video we have to upload as a partnered gaming video creator so people can know what our page is about. It's nothing Twin Galaxies has paid for or paid to boost.

    One thing that would be also cool to imagine, is a world where people had more interest in building things up than attempting to tear them down.

    Imagine indeed.

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