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Jace Hall
10-23-2022 at 07:42 AM
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If a priest owned a pack of cigarettes.... They would be...


Totally organic views. Not boosted, nothing paid for, etc. Nothing.

It looks like 40 million people had it appear on their feed for that eyeball interaction. That's more than the population of Canada!!!

And the video is still growing! Additionally, many other TG achievement videos are getting a lot of views on FB.

Check out a couple others:

The Twin Galaxies community has a lot to be proud of! So much good stuff and more is coming!

Really cool to see.

Proof of links here:




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    It's not 10M but 59k on one of my vids from last month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly

    It's not 10M but 59k on one of my vids from last month.

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