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Jace Hall
07-02-2018 at 08:41 PM
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Clarification: Billy Mitchell Dispute Accusations

For those who have reached out with a concern:

Since April 12, 2018 - when the TG Administration decision regarding the Billy Mitchell Donkey Kong score dispute case was concluded - Twin Galaxies has personally endeavored not to comment on anything regarding Billy Mitchell or that dispute thread. In TG's view, the matter does not warrant any further comment or additional attention. All the information that anyone needs is located in the dispute thread.


Recently, Billy Mitchell has made some public claims and accusations regarding Twin Galaxies' ownership, describing "a conspiracy which involved the new owners of Twin Galaxies plotting against him personally and seeking to besmirch his good name."

You can see an example of these public claims in this article here:

TG wants to be crystal clear in that at no time did the current owners of Twin Galaxies have any desire, focus, or interest in plotting against anyone or seek to besmirch anyone. The accusation that Mr. Mitchell is producing is patently false.

As has been documented, the initial dispute and assertions were brought forth by Jeremy Young and further supplemented by numerous others. Twin Galaxies' role was to authenticate the veracity of the various dispute assertions made, and based on that authentication, either keep or remove the disputed record or records as needed.

The idea of ANY plot or goal to besmirch on TG's part is patently FALSE and flies in the face of the fact that Twin Galaxies administration consciously worked to keep the dispute process focused on fact discovery exclusively.

Further continued false accusations by Mr. Mitchell to assert any involvement or interest on TG's part to do anything other than pursue the facts and truth to matter in the aforementioned dispute is not advised, as TG can demonstrably show incontrovertible evidence to support it's position, beginning with the private and unreleased (as a courtesy) contents of an unsolicited voicemail left by Mr. Mitchell to TG the day before the final decision was rendered.

The public information provided in the dispute thread was more than enough factual technical evidence to support the final decision made, therefore there has been no need to supplement it beyond those facts.

It is Twin Galaxies preference to not comment further, so the hope is that the "Road to Redemption" can continue with a more positive approach that no longer includes any further accusations toward Twin Galaxies' ownership or current staff. Again, these are false accusations, and more importantly, entirely unnecessary.

Finally, the community can remain confident that Twin Galaxies approaches all dispute matters uniquely and fairly across-the-board, with the goal of definitive truth of fact discovery.

Thank you.
  1. Snowflake's Avatar
    For what its worth Jace, seeing the stress he's putting you under now makes it clear why you were so cautious while it was still on going. My apologies for my criticism of you being to slow to handle it. Billy's made abundantly clear you were right to cross every t and dot every i. Thank you for the extra distance you've gone to ensure we have a fair place to compete.
  2. datagod's Avatar
    This is a sad situation. I just wish Team Billy(tm) would smarten up and get back to playing video games, talking about history, and making delicious hot sauce. It sounds like Billy is still listening to some bad legal advice. The kind that begs in good faith for more time while plotting to drive a knife in your ribs.
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  3. FBX's Avatar
    I heard during the latest stream where Billy failed to even break 700k, his son let slip their 'legal team' was going to start suing the 'haters' that helped contribute to the dispute because they found an actual way to reproduce the girder finger on original hardware. This is purely hearsay, but I've heard they are confusing two different types of artifacts in order to claim exoneration.

    As has been mentioned, Billy needs to fire his legal advisors and try for once to take the high road instead of the low one. However, even if he were at some point to finally crack one million on legit hardware and have it 100% confirmed, it would not be sufficient to redeem himself. That will only come with a confession and apology in my opinion.
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  4. Brian_H's Avatar
    I would like to second what you guys have already said, namely:

    -Jace was right to cross every t and dotevery I during the dispute. Very, very good foresight by Jace. Looks like TwinGalaxies is in great hands (post-2014).

    -In order to START the redemption process Billy needs to ADMIT TO THE TRUTH AND APOLOGIZE. The only thing that hitting 1 million now will prove is that he finally decided to put in enough practice to do so. It wouldn’t change the fact that he previously decided that instead of putting in sufficient practice he would simply use MAME save states to fake high score runs and steal the recognition, fame, and money that goes with that from the players that truly deserved it and their families.

    And to add one more thing: Please, please, please release the voicemail audio. Billy has told slanderous lies about you over and over. It’s ok to tell the truth about him. Don’t let this guy bully you into silence.
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  5. FBX's Avatar

    So I got personally threatened with a lawsuit from Billy's son and how they are not going to settle for anything and pursue the most severe punishment as possible. @Jace Hall , if I actually have to defend myself in court against these clowns, I may need to reference the evidence you have compiled on Billy. Not that it should matter because they don't seem to understand that a public figure cannot win a law suit against random people opining on the internet about their cheating and getting banned from both TG and Guinness.

  6. lexmark's Avatar

    Isn't it funny how Mitchell senior can spend time in his road to ruin tour to cry that his family is being harassed.

    Yet his son can make those kind of threats. LMFAO at both of them!



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  7. FBX's Avatar

    I contacted a lawyer about it. It's just a bullying tactic because to actually file a real lawsuit in a situation like this can actually get the lawyer into trouble (they get bad marks for entertaining bullying tactics). This is why you see all these threats from Joel and now Billy Jr., but nothing ever happens. If they even talk to a lawyer and the lawyer looks into the case, they will see this is a bullying tactic and refuse to participate. I was glad to find out our legal system has protections in place against 'vexatious litigators'.

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  8. Robert.F's Avatar

    Every one invalid who understood what Bill was doing knew it would not end well including Bill i think, But at this point, whatever Bill thinks is not relevant. He has made it clear he is not interested in the findings of TG and is campaigning his view of things with the support of the misinform public , a rather bleak attempt i feel

    The ones that did not understand do knew this now,, it did not end well for Bill

    Let the games of will and words begin,

    Building a attempt to discredit the facts, bullying tactic are the order of the day for shame on the non believers of Billy innocent`s , Your all good Jace no worry's the dispute was more then fair and generous to Bill and his supporters ,,, jolly good job on the evidence shown and the presentation on the process used to find it

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