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07-08-2019 at 03:10 PM
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Some Tournament Comments

I made a few informative comments in various threads, so I thought I would compile the gist of them here in case you were interested and perhaps missed them:

- The tournaments system is a tool for the user base to utilize to set up their own individualized tournaments.

- Any tool can be used inappropriately by someone, whether it be a kitchen utensil or a tournament system.

- Twin Galaxies may choose not to allow a tournament event to be hosted on the platform for whatever reason it chooses but ultimately any member who would choose to set up an inappropriate tournament can enjoy the community reaction they get.

- The creation of inappropriate content on TG by a member can result in a loss of privilege for that member.

- The ability for administrators to be able to define and accept qualified participants is a requirement. If you take issue with that, then I’d assume you’d take issue with any tournament that has participant qualification rules, like Wimbledon for example - you would likely not be accepted into that tournament either. YET.

- Some people might want to have a tournament with just people that are in the top 10 of a specific leaderboard or set of leaderboards

- Some people might want to have a tournament with only people they have met in person.

- Some people might want to have a tournament amongst their person friends.

- Some people might want to have a tournament with people who specifically own an original Donkey Kong Cabinet.

- Indeed, the ability to have a wide variety of tournaments of various types that are specifically possible for the competitive community to create on its own without being unnecessarily dictated to is what one would expect from a competitive gaming site.

- Using the tournament system is optional for members who are interested. No one is trying to force anyone to do anything.

- Any distinction that a tournament will or will not have will be related to the Tournament creator/admin desire to specify whatever the value/distinction is for participation.

- It is a tournament tool. Nothing more. If someone wanted to host an instant tournament and offer a prize pool of $1 Million dollars, they could if they wanted to. That would be a tournament that some would feel has a distinction. Some people might not care or consider that distinctive.

- The tournament creator is the entity that is defining the nature of their tournament.

- If TWIN GALAXIES itself decides to create/admin a specific tournament, then the distinctive characteristics of that specific tournament would be dictated by TWIN GALAXIES.

- I think some of the confusion that exists is the false idea that all the tournaments that members are making using the tournament tool are somehow officially TWIN GALAXIES endorsed, They are not.

- The tournament system is just a handy tool for members to use to hold tournaments of whatever kind they would like to foster competition and fun among friends or other members interested in finding competition.

- We will be implementing a way for the results of tournaments to be displayed on user profiles in an organized way so that all tournament participation of any kind can be reflected there for reference.

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