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Jace Hall
07-17-2019 at 08:59 PM
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Tournament System Bug Fixing...

We continue to work on resolving the reported issues with the tournament system. Please take a moment to look at the bug list and see if you can verify all the fixes and etc.


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    I would like to note that I'm concerned that some of the issues there that are marked as "works" are not distinguishing between "you can do the thing if you follow the right steps" and "it's clear and straightforward how to do the thing".

    For example, the issue about submitting scores only being possible through the link. It's marked as 'works' since once you submit a first score, then an option appears on the tournament scores page to add another. But I feel it's very likely this experience will result in very negative impressions and lots of questions from users.

    I'm hoping that there's sufficient attention paid to both if things work, and if the user experience is good in the process.

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