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09-18-2019 at 12:15 PM
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Small Clarification...

Recently there was a passionate forum post by @Uncanny_Casey and I think it is an important read.


I have always held a strong belief that people are entitled to their opinions, and I personally appreciate that Uncanny_Casey took the time to express here at Twin Galaxies with this entry. I believe it adds to the overall conversation and provides more context to think about things within.

Since I am personally mentioned in this opinion piece and there are some things stated in my regard, I thought that it might be helpful to specifically and openly address some of those items to provide additional information on them.

Again, as this forum post is this person's opinion, I am in no way trying to change their specific opinion or characterize anything they have said one way or the other. They can and should believe whatever it is they have chosen to.

Here is the additional information:

1.) At the time of both the Todd Rogers dispute, and the Billy Mitchell dispute. Twin Galaxies did not have a functional ad system throughout the site.

If you look at the site on April 15, 2018, which is 3 days after the dispute decision, you will find that there were no ads at Twin Galaxies yet. ( https://web.archive.org/web/20180414093949/https://www.twingalaxies.com/ )

Eventually, the way our ad system was rolled out, the first part of the TG site that received ad technology was limited to the News front page, and it was expressly forbidden for a very long time for ads to appear elsewhere on the site.

I've quickly skimmed the source code that was archived in the Wayback Machine (the above link - feel free to do it yourself) and I can find no instance of ad code anywhere on the front page. I do see some ad code associated with the Wayback Machine's page presentation of the the TG News page archive - but at a quick glance I don't see anything within the TG code for the News front page yet at that time.

Now in the link above it is possible that I may have missed spotting the ad code (I looked really fast), but even if I did it does not matter, as it is an absolute fact that it was TG policy at the time that the dispute system, wall feed, forums etc, contained no ads whatsoever - which means that throughout the time of the Todd Rogers and Billy Mitchell dispute Twin Galaxies was not generating any revenue via ads where that content was contained, and actually literally could not do so yet. You will not find any ad code on the dispute pages throughout that time.

This is important to understand because the only place you could view information about the DK Dispute at Twin Galaxies was by going directly to the DK Dispute thread. This means that all of the traffic coming to the site in relation to the DK dispute and Todd Rogers dispute during both of those complete process was absolutely generating ZERO ad revenue. None. Zip.

There was no incentive, agenda, or interest on TG's part to generate ad revenue on the basis of the DK dispute during the period of evidentiary evaluation. There was no implemented way for the dispute thread to generate site revenue. TG did not file or create the dispute in the first place, and had nothing to do with Jeremy Young's decision to file his claim. Again - this dispute and associated interest was not created by TG. There was / is no agenda other than determining the veracity of Jeremy Young's dispute claim.

Most important to understand, is that the more people who visited and participated in the TG dispute, the more it actually cost Twin Galaxies in bandwidth and service.

2.) I or Twin Galaxies have never purchased or been consciously or deliberately involved with "BOTS" in any way whatsoever for any reason ever. Aside from the moral and ethical problems I personally have with this type of action - without the ability to make ad revenue, there is no point of spending money on something that then accesses the site and uses more bandwidth which then costs TG even more money. There is nothing to gain through this action economically, in fact it accelerates losses. Not only would I never endorse this type of action for ethical reasons, choosing to actually do something like this in this specific circumstance would be an incredibly poor business decision. It simply did not happen.

3.) I completely agree with the fact that the best case result of the DK Dispute would have been for Jeremy Young's claim to have been found invalid. I have stated numerous times that TG considers all scores in its database to be valid, and the onus in on the person filing the dispute claim to definitively prove their claim. TG absolutely approached the dispute from the position that the DK score that was in the database was valid. This is precisely why the TG investigation was specifically focused on debunking Jeremy Young's evidentiary submission. Jeremy Young however was able to support his dispute claim, despite the original TG assertion and position.

4.) Regarding the statements speaking toward my character on how I "treat friends and partners and employees..." -

I have been in the video game industry for nearly 30 years. I have built video game development businesses, and video game publishing businesses. They still stand to this day (Monolith Productions Inc. / Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.) I have employed and been responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of people throughout the entire period and I've worked (and continue to work) with many people and companies to this day.

If you are unfamiliar with my track record and want to see just some of what I have done (not including television . film, or music) you can look here:


My path has tended to place me in leadership positions for a long time, and with that comes the responsibility and reality of the fact that people are going to talk about you, accuse you, blame you, hate you, lie about you etc. for things you did not do or had nothing to do with. I have become a public figure and with that a lot of things literally will be made up out of thin air - and in the position I'm in, there is no escaping it, and there is nothing you can do about it but just accept the reality. So that is what I do.

I have no problem taking responsibility for anything or everything I have done in life. I am not worried or concerned about it because I know for a fact that I don't deliberately try to hurt people or wrong them, ever. Now certainly no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but I have no issue owning up to any and fixing mistakes once realized.

The position I am in means that I can never truly defend myself successfully. There will always be a way for someone to imagine some "angle" or plausible but fictitious conspiracy theory that somehow supports a point someone is trying to make - So I try to avoid or minimize putting in energy attempting to defend myself, on anything really.

As you can imagine, actually trying to defend myself would require me to enter an infinite conversation of never-ending accusation and acquiescence to the entitlement of others who somehow believe I need to justify everything I do like an elected official. I will be reduced and limited to providing specific facts while the accusers can infinitely make up or stretch a concept to fit the accusation, characterization, or agenda they are trying to put forward. The line will just get moved constantly, of course.

The nature of that makes defending myself not a good use of my time, so I just need to take it on the chin and be ok with people thinking and believing what makes them feel safe and comfortable for whatever reason they need.

The truth is that if I don't like being the subject of false accusation and etc. then I should just quit and avoid the kinds of job positions and responsibility that places me in that kind of line-of-fire. End of story.

So, when it comes to calling me out on my character, such as this forum opinion post is entitled to do, I can only let the facts and truth of my career, who I am, how I treat others and how people choose to interpret my behavior and decisions stand on their own.

It is what it is. Conclude as you see fit.

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