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Jace Hall
11-04-2019 at 07:44 PM
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The predictions and aspirations in this article are historical!

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    this reminds me of reading of disney's arcade in the early 80s. they had some custom machines. now those i would be VERY curious to hear what happened to. were they sold? thrown out? -- please heavens no dont let that be it. in some rich guy/gal's basement forgotten all about?

  2. The Evener's Avatar

    Two THOUSAND video games? Wow, one can't say that Walter Day didn't dream big. Funspot has about 300 classic arcade games, and that feels big when you're walking down the aisles. Two thousand machines back in 1984 would basically mean rows of the same title, like you saw in some of the biggest arcades when a super-popular game was in high demand. One detects a bit of the salesman in Day's messaging -

    “As the Ottumwa arcade’s reputation grew [Twin Galaxies], Day says, the business became too big for a one-McDonald’s town. Earlier this year he left Ottumwa, which once proclaimed itself the “Video Game Capital of the World.””

    The TG arcade closed down like hundreds of others due to the downturn!

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