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11-08-2019 at 04:49 AM
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Clarity on a Rumor

Just a clarification:

I've been notified that a rumor is running around that I (or Twin Galaxies) have something to do with discussing or revealing something / anything about Guinness World Records decision or thoughts in regards to any score reinstatement. I even saw a video on youtube claiming that. This is false. Other than asking a few people like Dwayne Richard and Tim McVey what they thought the sentiment might be IF GWR ever decided to reinstate records, I have personally not discussed anything else on the matter.

Dwayne Richards responded to the rumor on a reporters youtube page. I thought people may want to see it, since you can see where the rumors are coming from.

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  1. datagod's Avatar
    I would politely ask @robertsantellan to remove the video.

    i have found him to be very reasonable and understanding and not the sort of person to overreact by teeeeting about you all morning then making a video exposing you for corruption and collusion.

  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    i didnt take screenshots and i dont care enough to back, but i did go to read the comments earlier today after hearing about al the drama and say that tim mcvey also chimd in there and backed jace's stance as well.

    so jace, dwayne, and tim all agree that the rumor already existed and jace asked them how people would respond to the rumor. sadly, asking about the rumor only gave it more legitamcy and spread it even futher, and now of course tipster's rumor channel is take a 10 second rumor and turning it into a 6 minute one spreading it further.

    the fun never ends

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  3. The Evener's Avatar

    Well, here's an opportunity at least for TG members to weigh in directly if they so wish to share their take on the CAG reaction regarding the theoretical possibility of GWR reinstatement in addition to those members already consulted.

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  4. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    Ill chime in. Idgaf what Guinness does. Their product has been standardless crap since the late 80s as far as Im concerned.

  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    i agree. i've told this story before. when i was practicing for stampede on atari -- thanks again to @GregDeg for helping me master the game, i knew i was gonna win at the ccag tournament. contrary to the personality you see of me here, i wasnt looking to cause trouble, but i did NOT want to have to hold a billy mitchel picture and pose with it for a photo of the winner as in years past. so i emailed quietely and asked if there was a polite way to avoid all that should i win. fortunatley, there was as the place already made the decision to dump billy

    but see, thats just me. i dont want my picutre with billy or even with a picture of billy. i dont wanna compete on a scoreboard hes on. i dont wanna go to an event where hes the mascot. however, he's not a criminal, if other organizations want him, go for it, none of my business. the guy is allowed to go out in public. the guy is allowed to make partnerships and friends.

    what guiness does has zero effect on my life or gaming. there can be a fine line between vengeance and scoreboard integrity. i'm pretty angry about scoreboard issues, but my anger ends there. people can do whatever they want with their lives in other places

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  6. Marcade's Avatar

    At least Mitchell got one thing dead on right. There really IS a "lonely loser club" out there.

    Yet STILL, they are beyond obsessed with all this crap. False rumors, lame YouTube commentary, and anything to seek attention. All for the sake of views, to coattail a small buck on that very same person they cant stand.

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  7. Snowflake's Avatar

    omg yes, for a few billy has actually cross the line into a creepy obsession

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  8. robertsantellan's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by datagod
    I would politely ask @robertsantellan to remove the video. i have found him to be very reasonable and understanding and not the sort of person to overreact by teeeeting about you all morning then making a video exposing you for corruption and collusion. :)
    Actually I have positive news, @datagod .

    @Jace Hall and I had a private conversation and we discussed his concerns with the video amicably. We came to an understanding and edits were made to the video that address his concerns. This was a clear case of things being lost in translation. As we all know, its not always easy to understand the message that someone is trying to convey via text. Once we got the opportunity to talk it out, it was was much easier to understand each other and come to a peaceful resolution.

    So I wish to sincerely thank @Jace Hall for having a conversation with me tonight and working this out in a civil manner.

    The updated version of the video can be found here:
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