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Jace Hall
05-21-2021 at 02:48 PM
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Hello all.

With the new home page changes to the site we have now created a separately accessible page that exclusively shows the real-time activity on the site.

You can use this page and simply leave it up in an open window on your computer desktop and it will auto-update at the top every time something new (post, submission, acceptance, etc.) happens at TG.

Page is here: https://www.twingalaxies.com/activity.php?do=viewactivites

It is also accessible at the bottom of the "Recent Activity" widget as the "Show More" link.

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  1. wwdkong's Avatar

    LOVE this format, thank you. Edit added--unfortunately lots of posts don't even show up there, so I won't even use it now.

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    Updated 06-08-2021 at 02:06 AM by wwdkong
  2. datagod's Avatar

    I am testing it out on a couple of browsers. So far it does not seem to auto-refresh on Dissenter. I will check chrome next, using this very post as a test case.

  3. datagod's Avatar

    Ok, while I was getting a post ready for a test in Chrome, the dissenter browser updated. Very happy to see that. Is there a time limit on the refresh rate? Seems to be about 60 seconds.

    Thank you for this feature, I have been wanting this for a long time. I am always needing to justify the addition of yet another monitor to my office. 17 is chump change.

  4. wwdkong's Avatar

    I notice that not all posts are making it onto that page, though. I'm seeing some stuff in the right column of the voting page that isn't showing up on the latest activity page.

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  5. Jace Hall's Avatar

    It all should show up. Might take a minute or two

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