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06-19-2017 at 11:20 PM
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Dipping a toe into the MAME analysis pool

So after a year and a half of gaming here at TG, I finally sat down yesterday to research how to perform MAME analyses (many thanks to @Barthax for all the great information on the subject). Now that I've got things up and running, I'm going to start helping with the standard analysis of MAME submissions where I can.

In addition to the one listed at the top of every analysis output, I'm going to add my own personal disclaimer - I am FAR from an expert on this subject, and (for now) will not be diving into the hex comparisons required to analyze very old versions of WolfMAME like 0.106, or situations where the DIP names have changed from what was listed in the original track ruleset. To start with, I'll be analyzing only more recent versions of WolfMAME (0.149 or later)...while 0.106 used to be the gold standard and is still used by many here, the later versions look, sound, and play so much better - add to that the fact that it's much easier to analyze the DIPs in the .inp, and upgrading seems a no-brainer to me. Personal preference aside, I mention this just so those of you still using 0.106 won't think I'm flat out ignoring your submissions.

While not required for acceptance, MAME analysis seems to be expected from the adjudicating community, and with the traditional warriors @Barthax, @terencew, @jpittman, @Almighty Dreadlock) on hiatus, I figured I'd try to fill the gap at least a bit. I'm sure it becomes a thankless, tiresome job for those who have undertaken it, and they've earned a break...here's to hoping I don't mess up too badly! :)
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