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03-20-2019 at 04:28 PM
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MAME tutorial stream - Sunday, March 24th, 8pm EDT

Now that the Yolympics MAME tournament has wrapped up, I have some free time to catch up on some gaming things I've wanted to do for a while now, and putting together a video on how to get started with WolfMAME has long been on my list. It's not overly complicated to work with, but there can still be a bit of a learning curve when you first try to fire it up, so it's always nice to have a reference to consult if necessary. I've worked with several of you one-on-one to help get you up and running, and as similar questions always seem to come up when someone new dives in, I figured a video would be a more efficient way to spread the word.

This certainly isn't going to be anything fancy - my plan is to informally cover all the basics needed for playing games, and recording performances for submissions to leaderboards. I may touch on a few additional, optional things you can do once you have the basics down, but I want to keep this as simple as possible. Off the top of my head, I want to hit on at least the following: download and installation, setup, basic configuration, playing/pausing a game, creating/using save states, creating/playing back recordings, taking snapshots, windowed vs. full-screen mode, changing hard/soft DIPs, and GUI vs. command line...feel free to suggest any other worthwhile topics I may have missed. As with most software, there is more than one way to do some of these tasks - in the interest of keeping things simple, I may not show (or be aware of) every way tasks can be done. Also, I've only used MAME in Windows environments, so that's what I'll be presenting - hopefully Linux and MacOS users can still find some of the information useful.

I was originally going to just record a video and upload it, but I figure doing this on stream would give an opportunity for people to ask immediate questions, provide alternative methods for doing certain tasks, or just point out where I've screwed something up :) Right now, I'm planning to stream this Sunday, March 24th at 8pm EDT on my Twitch channel . Whether MAME has always been a mystery to you, you're a novice user who wants to pick up a new trick, or you're an old pro who just wants to stop by and say hi (or point and laugh at the presenter), feel free to check out the stream live or on replay!

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    Looks like the Twitch link got deleted in my original post...here it is: https://www.twitch.tv/jasonv91

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    Fantastic idea Jason! Will stop by and mock you for sure ;) (more likely learn something!)

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    will it be 106

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    Barra and Pearl, the first two insta-bans :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonV91

    Barra and Pearl, the first two insta-bans :)

    im already banned on twitch its fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pearl2hu

    im already banned on twitch its fine


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    Thanks to all those who joined the stream this evening - hope you found it helpful.

    For anyone that missed it, you can catch the replay here:

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