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01-18-2020 at 01:21 PM
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The Major Havoc Hand Trick WR Scores Are No More

Thank you TG and everyone who voted + Extra Thanks to John McAllister for starting these disputes!

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  1. Barra's Avatar

    AWESOME news!!

    They accepted the Paperboy, Kick-man and DK3 disputes too that I saw. May be a few more that I hadn't voted on?

    Edit: the DK3 score SHOULD have been moved to the difficulty 2 track though...

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  2. Barra's Avatar

    @Jace Hall @SincerelyFranny @admin staff

    Regarding the DK3 score, George Riley has had his 3.5m accepted in 2017 so this should replace his disputed score:

    The disputed score needs to be moved to the Difficulty 2 track that was setup too:

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  3. The Evener's Avatar

    Yes, sometimes it's not always possible to fully lay out the remedy in the dispute thread where the issue is about alignment between performances and appropriate tracks rather than, say, impossible scores where the remedy is straight removal.

    EDIT: Okay, I forgot in this case the remedy is laid out at the very beginning of the dispute review. Onwards! :)

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