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11-07-2021 at 03:05 AM
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Christopher Sturgis-Maris Memes Fallout 3-Minimalist Completion I will help U create the new track

1. Christopher Sturgis I will help you fund and create the new track for Fallout 3 Minimalist Completion [Fastest Time] for the Xbox 360 You have mastered the game Fallout 3. 10 submission points to create the track 25 to fund it.

2. Christopher Sturgis just outline the rules and be specific to what you want included from "QSQR"; "Quick save quick reload", Clipping, Saving & loading is permitted solely if an allowance for it is outlined in a Twin Galaxies track's rules.

Note: On SAVE STATES & RELOAD no matter how you look at it is still manipulating the game to a players advantage , in this case to get through Fallout 3 faster, it is not part of the games original programming. But it shows a player creativity in beating the game

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    Dispute incoming on already existing 55 minute time is happening when?

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