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11-27-2021 at 12:45 PM
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  1. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    Why was this guy banned? Anyone know?

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    you can probably dispute don's, its early enough thati 'm not sure if it was early enough to get the "limited protectioni" (whatever that means) some stuff was given when third party uplaod wasnt possible
    Glen's is twitch and disputing would open a can of worms, i disputed simliar scores but stopped because it was pointed out twitch periodcially changes all urls, meaning every twitch score would periodiclaly need to be disputed.

    as for don, there was an underlying issue he was upset how jace handled. i'm purposely being vague on it. I actually agreed with don's outrage, but he handled it poorly. he went after jace in unrelated ways, that those of us fully familiar with his anger understood, but on the surface he was just lashing out like a mad man. the final straw was him telling jace that he "didnt have the balls" to ban people who needed to be banned, and jace responded by proving he had the balls by banning don.

    theres a lot more details but it dredges up stuff better left buried.

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  3. JJT_Defender's Avatar
    <p>I may just skip the dispute, the reason I found out I was checking each of the max 999,999 scores for the game and I came across it. If a Twin Galaxies member wants to dispute here is the link.</p>
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  4. thegamer1185's Avatar

    I didn't think any of the 3rd party submissions had any protection? I thought it was vote at your own risk and if a link went missing, the score could be easily disputed for no evidence. I made a really big argument about it when Jace made it mandatory upload, because at the time I was one of the many who had their submissions time out or have an error. Some people couldn't upload to TG because the servers sucked so bad, and that is when the 3rd party uploads became "not protected". April of 2018 I believe is when the mandatory upload kicked in. I argued that if a 3rd party link does go missing, the score was still adjudicated using the TGSAP system and it was TG's technical issues that prevented people from directly uploading. Adding to that, at least there was more evidence witnessed by many voters compared to the highly protected referee submissions many have issues with. So yeah, Don's score can be disputed and it should instantly be removed according to that one rule.

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  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    very VERY early on some where given vague reassurance of protection. It didnt last long. Considering don mentions the uplaoder, that implies an uploader currently existed. I think the vague assurances were before the uplaoder even existed. But since it was january 2015 i didnt know what the exact time line was

    you're memory is correct for the time period it happened and its totally possible don's was in that time period, albeit an earlier range of it

    i'm saying "maybe", a "worth looking into" sort of thing. i'm not outright making the claim

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  6. thegamer1185's Avatar

    I'm almost 100% positive there is zero 3rd party protection. I was really, really pissed about it. The whole point of TGSAP was to remove collusion and have community vote on a submission. It made zero sense to not have the scores protected based on that alone. I don't recall the limited protection you are mentioning, but if it exists, I believe Jace made a final "no 3rd party protection of any kind because you could always upload the videos later when you could. All submissions are to be in TG's database where they would be fully protected." Paraphrasing, but that was the jist.

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  7. timmell's Avatar

    Do we know if this was a Don's Youtube account or Twin Galaxies archive youtube account? As Early days of TGSAP was on youtube, It would be terrible to remove score if on that Twin Galaxies accoiunt.

    Or who knows youtube might have auto removed it because it has the word "xenophobe" in it? We live in a crazy time where algorisms censor content on the web.

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  8. swaggers's Avatar

    I believe they ended on the only protection is if vzarr goes down.

  9. datagod's Avatar

    Dispute accepted.

  10. JJT_Defender's Avatar
    <p>Agreed voting yes this dispute</p>
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