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12-24-2017 at 01:05 PM
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Please Help Twin Galaxy Members to Adjudicate Video Game Submissions Instead Just Submitting the Que is 60 More pages Than 2016 900 VGS's Need Help

Trying to Cleanup the Submission Que the Past Few Days Adjudicating 100's of Video Game Submissions I am Not Getting Paid $$$ for doing it as Many as I could to elevate the Submission Que that is 60 Times More than in 2015 and 30 Times More than 2016 67 Pages over 900 More Video Game Submissions than Usual. It is Totally completely Impossible to Adjudicate that many Video Game Submissions

Only a Few Twin Galaxy Members want to Adjudicate Video Game Submissions

The Majority of Twin Galaxy Members Only Submit Video Game Submissions & only care for that they Get their Video Game Submission Adjudicated & Voted Yes Accepted Into the Twin Galaxy Scoreboard Database as Fast as Possible Right Now get World Record & Build ESI That is Being Selfish and In-considered of other Twin Galaxy Members Who are Trying to Help out on Adjudicating the 1,000 Plus Video Game Submissions

They Complain that their Video Game Submission is Not Getting Voted On Well Help Out We are Not Kids we are Mature Adults We Work as A Team not the Old Selfish Saying Me ,Myself & I Attitude
That is the Main Reason The Que has Gotten Completely out of Hand 67 Pages that is

Never Caring About even Trying to Adjudicate the almost a 1,000 Plus Video Game Submission that is Over Whelming the Submission Que

But they Complain it is Not Fast Enough How About Trying to Helping Out I JJT Johnny and Few Other Twin Galaxy Members are doing it We Cannot Do it By Ourselves We Need Other Twin Galaxy Members to Help Out

  1. Fly's Avatar
    If it's sht it'll sit. That might be a little blunt, but you know what I mean.

    I have a submission sitting in there. If the community doesn't know or care for it I can't make them care, so it sits and it's sht.

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar
    probably more than half the submissions should just be cancelled. There are many submissions no one is willing to vote on for various reasons but doesnt want to fear losing cred by rejecting. Some submissions are over 5 months old, plenty of submissions after them were completed in far less time. ONe thing people tend to avoid is use of youtube. youtube isnt against the rules, but lets be realistic, if you use youtube odds are your submission will sit in the queue and never get finished.
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  3. HugDD's Avatar
    Juan, make some submissions, fill up the queue even more, you need to get your one and more on the scoreboard!!! Nevermind the rest, all will follow, have fun, happy holidays! :) -Duc
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  4. JeremyM's Avatar
    Maybe close down the ability to submit more scores and not open it up until the number of pending ones is drastically cut down.
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