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07-08-2019 at 04:39 PM
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Dave Hawksett Can you Add the Tracks 1.F & F Drift Tour,2.Tour Bonus.3.Biggest Chain,4.Biggest Drift

Dave Hawksett & Daniel Ocampo Can you Add the Tracks? They are All part of the original arcade racing game The Fast and the Furious (Tokyo Drift)

1. F & F Drift Tour ( which has 6 race tracks) 1.Shibuya,2.Kyoto,3.Takayama,4.Sado,5.Nagano,6.Shi njuku and


2. Tour Bonus Track that comes after the 6 races

Plus the

3. Biggest Drift Chain-> Note: Is the Hardest thing to do in the game, you have to navigate pass vehicles coming at you and crossing in front of you.


4. Biggest Drift ( In one direction) this can be seen Bottom left corner of the game screen you can see the BIGGEST DRIFT Time just above the Total Drift Time

they are All part of the original arcade racing game the Fast and the Furious (Tokyo Drift) they

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    JJT, you should really just stop with this...there are enough folks onto you and your antics that we're not going to let this slide

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    I think the council has spoken on this

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