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07-13-2019 at 09:15 AM
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What TV's supports both NTSC and PAL 50hz and 60hz signal?

1. What TV's supports both NTSC and PAL 50hz and 60hz signal?

2. What do you do if the TV does not support NTSC and PAL 50hz and 60hz signal?

3. What External converters can you buy and use with brand TV's?

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    It's a little over my head technically, but from how it was explained to me by a tv repair Guy-

    Most modern flatscreen TV's will display an NTSC or PAL signal-as long as it is at least A/V input.

    They have the internal capability to translate either NTSC or PAL on A/V, HDMI, etc, but they aren't able to translate RF input properly-if this helps explain, one solution to playing RF PAL on a modern TV is to use certain VCR models as a bypass(?), as the VCR will interpret the signal.

    Also-some TV's show onscreen if it's NTSC or PAL, some do not(mine doesn't).

    I actually have a PAL Atari 2600 that I cannot play yet, because of the RF issue mentioned above-from what I understand, an A/V mod on the 2600 would cause it to work properly on a modern flatscreen, kinda backing up my generalization about what the TV can/can't understand.

    Something mebbe someone can clear up for me-

    I don't think you can play pal games on ntsc systems, and vice versa, the games play all wonky(that's my experience on 2600, with the Harmony, PAL games screenroll-I'm actually not willing to intentionally experiment on that with the NTSC/PAL systems I play, worried my house will burn down or something, lol), so as far as submissions, if someone has the system/game, with a power-up onscreen and all, and the game works properly, it is certainly "above board", I THINK.

    Now, that's really just helpful for NTSC users looking to play PAL-I think if you live in PAL countries, getting an NTSC signal to display properly is a bit more tricky, but even that I'm not sure about.

    Good topic to explore, JJT.

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  2. Ninglendo's Avatar

    I could tell you but no matter what I say and how I word it you wouldn't understand.

  3. nads's Avatar

    Hi JJT,

    Here is some info I got from John Brissie a few years ago.

    John Has subbed to 2600 PAL Records and I was hoping he could help me Get my NTSC 2600 up and running.

    Maybe there is something useful in this for you :-)

    pal setup

    01-18-2017, 05:58 PM

    hi peter,
    luckily with the 2600 you wont have to invest in the power transformer which is one of the big problems. so far every pal console i own that has an external power supply i have been able to use the 110v usa version adapter.
    the internal ones like the xbox you have to deal with the power too. since the xbox is one of my favs i also have a transformer but only use it for the xbox so far. it will be required with the saturn and dreamcast when i get to those.

    i dont know anything about australia so you better make sure on the power. every 2600 that i have takes a 9v input with a mini plug that looks like a mono mini headphone plug. i hope your adapter is the same as that.

    the ntsc 2600 games and machine. those are easy but the shipping will be long and a little expensive.

    there is a choice to be made on the output. you can go with the route that don used which is a signal converter that uses his ntsc monitor or tv. this might be the way to go you want to stick with the rca standard video. not going to hdmi and up converting and all of that you might find a good model thats reasonably priced. you would be only looking at a ntsc to pal converter for rca plugs.

    i just thought of something with the old machines like the 2600. i have a pal rf input on my tv. not exactly sure how that would convert with a separate box. thats an area i did not look into. it took a lot of adjusting on mine to tune those machines in. i actually gave up a few times. luckily i did get it right last weekend. pal rf is nothing like the ntsc rf that ive seen.

    so the 2nd option like what im using is a multi system tv. they can be found on many internet sites and even amazon.com has some too. i figured why go to all of the trouble and expense for a converter when i could spend a little more and have a new led tv that handles everything. its more complicated and takes research and troubleshooting. im happy i went with the tv setup. now i can honestly be playing the game in pal and at the correct Hz just like every other pal gamer plays it.

    the one area that i didnt research and dont know how to convert is the pal rf signal. if you can find a good solution for that then you are set. maybe all you need is a small converter box for it. maybe its super easy.

    i would start looking for an ntsc rf to pal solution first. after you find what you want the rest will be easy. if you want to use systems like snes and newer you should keep that in mind for converting composite and maybe component as well.

    i will check into the rf conversion and see if im forgetting something about the converter boxes. when i bought the tv i was concentrating on the component and composite connections mainly to start with the mega drive and sms.

    hope that helps a little.

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