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11-30-2019 at 10:00 PM
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You contradict about changing tracks,rules etc, yourself Mrs Franny Here below:

You contradict yourself Mrs Franny Here below:

SincerelyFranny - 11-27-2019 01:08 AM Report Comment | Reply Reply Quote Originally Posted by RaGe The following 4 tracks need these rules added to them: • Virtua Racing Mode (Fastest Race), Normal Level, Any Transmission, Any Car, and Any Controller configuration. •

The race must be completed for your fastest time to count.




https://www.twingalaxies.com/game/vi.../1?ref=fbshare Then, this track that I set up a while ago could use an edit in its rules..


The following part can be removed from the rules, as it's not needed anymore: "Note: The other four fastest race tracks with empty rule sets are following these rules as well. Also, this is indeed Virtua Racing Deluxe, although it's incorrectly spelled "Virtual" causing it to appear as two different games on the score board." Thanks! These adjustments have been made. Please check.

- Today 12:02 AM
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Quote Originally Posted by GibGirl
The rules for this track need editing:


The rules state "Munitions at Start = 6 Magazines and 6 Rockets" - but that is not a possible setting. The first rule, "Skill Level = Easy", dictates the settings of all other rules, and for skill level easy, the setting is 8 magazines and 6 rockets.

And as I demonstrate in the video for my recent submission (https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/211834) there is, in fact, no option available for 6 and 6. The rule is a typo and should be changed to 8 and 6.

Can you provide what the rule set should be verbatim so there is no confusion? :)


Is it...

Default settings: Skill Level = Easy, Difficulty = Easy, Munitions at Start = 8 Magazines and 6 Rockets, Bullets per Magazine = 50.

From the Operation Thunderbolt game menu, select the Game OPTIONS screen and select the options listed in the default settings above.

Do NOT pause or continue.

Memory cards are optional.

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  1. SincerelyFranny's Avatar

    Juan, you have no case here.

    First off, most of those requests are for track edits on Twin Galaxies sponsored tracks. Most likely meaning that they are tracks that existed before Jace's ownership and are in need of clarification. (Since we now have the ability to do so)

    Even for the change I made on the user's track...

    As I mentioned before:

    "We will make exceptions for user who make small typos, need small rule clarifications, or experience formatting errors"

    These requests were for SMALL alterations.

    These requests are different from the consistent demands for FULL revisions on NUMEROUS tracks that YOU erroneously made.

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    Your letting power get to you Mrs.Franny how will long will TG be?

    Jace Hall & Rick Fox will sell it in a year or 2,, on the business side,are going build it up, to make more attractive to to buy and then sell for a profit. Acquisitions, Getting money by selling thought out merchandise, Online game, advertisements, certain games and

    Getting certain players within Twin Galaxy to be known to online gaming community would be great & make Twin Galaxy stand out. The Retro TG member players whoare at the Top near in each Retro game Platforms.

    Like Jason Vasilof, John McAllister,William Rosa, RTM,Garret Holland, Donald Hayes,Matthew Felix,Roger Edwin III,Simeon Leitch,Andrew Pete Mee,Robert Macauley Terence O'Neill Pete Hahnetc. to name a few known players

    Not always renting great online gamer's that do not care at all about retro classic games.

    Adds for online tournaments on their front is good but also getting the Twin Galaxy retro gamer members be part of it.

    Answer this question

    1. Who gave me the Ban, can you tell me that Mrs Franny? Was it you , if not you who. Why,their is no just reason for it. All personal, on the business side what harm did it do to the company Legally nothing/ zero not monetary, not slander etc.

    2. How long is this going to last?

    3. Is Twin Galaxy trying to indirectly tell to leave Twin Galaxy? yes or no

    4. I did all the work and less than 300 plus tracks especially for Arcade boat racing game H2Overdrive along with Winter X Games SnoCross to 31 tracks,that is huge.

    5. Their are No

    Name something that makes since, not made up, You sound like car salesman or politician. Say anything! Ha Ha

    1 year 2 months have passed

    Before or after means nothing, it is your opinion. They were not type o's, they were add tracks,changes to the rules delete some tracks and rules,changes no different. Please correct yourself Mrs Franny.

    Still it does not warrant not allowing me to Add a new track or Create a new track or sponsor & fully fund a my own track. I do not warrant a permanent ban from adding a track etc .

    You give no foundation, or reasonable understanding for it,it was with Malice intent on personal reasons not factual or just reasons.

    What you describe is personal, then why exceeding a year what is the harm , I hope yo can understand this. I can break it down for you, so you can understand.

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