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01-11-2020 at 03:57 PM
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My humble apologies to U Sean Christo. God Bless You & your family & friends.

1. Sean Christo (SallowDay) I never voted NO Reject on your video game submission. i abstained. I would Vote Yes Accepted

Nintendo Switch - Puyo Puyo Tetris - Marathon(Endless Mode) - 21,343,536 -.

2. I just went over the Alvin Garcia game submission I made a mistake, I am man enough to admit it. On another note especially on a game that does not allow for any brakes and is insanely rapid in play after even a few hours a player hands would get tired & cramp up, maybe their should be Amendment of the current rules and add that PAUSE can be done at certain amount of hours played. I have correctly adjudicated almost 21,600 video game submissions

In Reply # 1 01-03-2020, 07:12 AM Garrett Holland only said he was going to abstain myself I JJT chose not to vote,

I'm not familiar with the Nintendo Switch at all, so by no means am I any sort of authority on scores performed on it, but there are a couple of issues I'm observing with this run that *might* be a problem to get this passed:
1. The pause at around the one-hour mark. I believe that generally speaking, pausing a game is a disqualifying act (again, I could be wrong ... but I believe that is a TG-wide standard expectation), meaning, any score accrual after the pause is dq'ed and therefore not counted. Again, this might not be an issue ... I'd like some of our resident Nintendo experts to opine on this before I come to any conclusions about this specifically.
2. Granted, I did not watch the entire 6 hours, however, I did skim around and did not see any demonstration of the original hardware within the footage. Is it there and I just missed it? And if so, around what time within the video does it occur? Demonstrating the hardware (console, game disc, cartridge, etc.) is typically expected, but not required -HOWEVER- many (most?) people will not vote on your submission if those elements are not contained somewhere within the footage ... and that's if they don't straight up vote no.

I would recommend taking a look at this link to give you a better idea of what is expected:

Section 3.0B of the "Marathon" section does say, "For the home console format, using pause for any reason is not permitted.", however, that same section does seem to indicate that a "Marathon" is a game lasting longer than 12 hours, thus, the need for the community to chime in on whether the "no-pause" expectation for home consoles applies across the board or just to 12hr+ marathons. As far as I was aware, it does apply across the board.

These issues aside, that was an amazing performance. I'll be abstaining until these other issues are hammered out.

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