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02-13-2020 at 10:16 PM
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Arcade game Taz Mania Information

similar to Robotron,Bezerk, cone stage Tron

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taz-Mania_(video_game) Players control Taz as he searches for the giant egg. Taz is able to jump, spin into a tornado and eat various objects. Spinning into a tornado allows Taz to defeat most enemies, as well as gain extra jump distance, knock away items and get past certain obstacles unharmed. Taz has the ability to eat most, if not all items throughout the level, such as health recovering food items, extra lives and continues. Eating some chilli peppers allows Taz to breathe fire in order to defeat stronger enemies, while eating a star grants Taz temporary invincibility. Other items, such as bombs and weed killer can be thrown at enemies, but will damage Taz if he eats them.


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    You posted a link and a description of Taz Mania the console game and then a link and a picture of Tazz Mania the arcade game.

    These are two completely different games.

    You did this in the submission thread too.


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