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06-28-2020 at 12:05 PM
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@SincerelyFranny I cannot add the last 24 tracks->Fast and Furious Super Cars for racing times only

@SincerelyFranny I cannot add the last 24 tracks->Fast and Furious Super Cars for racing times only.

I been trying many times, It only shows that I founder for Winter X games Sno CrossQuestion 1. I Juan Torres should be the founder of the arcade racing game Fast and Furious Super Cars. What happened. If am not founder anymore then I will not submit nothing. If I Juan Torres am not the Founder & Creator of arcade racing Game Fast and Furious Super Cars / Super Cars their is nothingfor me here. That is underhanded not right completely wrong, so Twin Galaxies is taking this away from me. Thank for nothing. Why? No smart comments in any reply's period, no exceptions,they will be ersased and I file a complaint, enough of this nonsence.

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  1. SincerelyFranny's Avatar

    Well, this post went from 0 - 100 real quick....

    Quote Originally Posted by JJT_defender
    That is underhanded not right completely wrong, so Twin Galaxies is taking this away from me. Thanks for nothing. Why?

    Is this really necessary? You can ask a question about a potential bug without devolving into rudeness. The last message I sent you was literally giving you back your track creation ability and yet you still feel the need to berate me about how you are a victim.

    I can look into this. Please be patient.

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  2. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninglendo

    Here we go again....

    This time is different my friend, his ban has been lifted, he just doesn't know how to create tracks now.

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  3. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    There wasn't even a need to bother Franny at all.

    If for any reason the site is not showing him the original track so he can make derivates out of it, he could have just created a new one, he has the rules and lots of points, and he would have been the sole creator of the tracks.

    If I had more time to mess with fools I would just create them myself right now so that he could never be the founder but I don't want to take the bottle away from a baby.

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    a simple glance at the tracks would show you still are the founder, also, i'm confused over you saying if not you wont submit. i mean i believe you, but also if you are the founder you wont submit because you just plain wont submit

    might as well say "make me the founder or i wont give you one million dollars" you werent going to anyway, so its still technically true, but whats your point?

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    i snow billy have correctly submitted dozens of scores and helped blind voters have scores to vote on and get credibility from

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    All I can say is, "What gives?"

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  7. JJT_Defender's Avatar
    I am really sorry to you Jace and Mrs Franny, I am working 2 jobs and taking care of a baby. I am at wits end. Please accept my humble apologies.

    Their are technical problems on Twin Galaxies site on adding my 27 race tracks, why it this happening , I do not know, maybe I am doing something wrong, frustrated. Step by step would help. I am ADD & dyslexia

    I wanted to add all 27 race tracks for race times only, a player only. but the track I created Fast and Furious Super Cars / Super Cars. this past Sunday June 28, 2020 it is gone, as well as my 35 submission points.

    Their were 2 mistakes I made when I created the track:

    1. Score Type should be Elapsed Time, it has Integer
    2. Ranking Method should be Lowest is best, it has Highest is best

    Here is the link to the Fast and Furious Super Cars / Super Cars track I created and with rules.

    Note: All I did was add normal short cuts are ok, to rule 2, at the end. That is all.


    1. 1 Player only

    2. Any car, modifications, transmission, difficulty and any start or check point bonus time is allowed. Normal short cuts are ok.

    3. 4 Turbo boost, 1 at the start and 3 in reserve

    4. Glitches, car simulators, wall-riding, cheat codes, clipping of the track, illegal short-cuts or hacking of the original game programming is not allowed.

    5. Conversion kits are allowed but must be in an arcade game cabinet.

    6. Player must show enough cabinet to confirm that the correct peripherals like a steering wheel, pedal and gear stick are being used. Showing of any internal components of the machine and game settings is not mandatory.

    The reason was to seperate these FFSC 6 tracks from the 27 track race times
    1. Most Tricks,
    2. Most Air Time,
    3. Biggest Drift Chain,
    4. Most Drift Time, 5. Biggest Jump,
    6. Biggest Drift in 1 direction.

    Here is the link rules that were accepted by Twin Galaxies member community.

    Twin Galaxies

    Twin Galaxies

    Twin Galaxies video game world records - lifestyle and culture discussion forum and live broadcast network , go ...


    Fastest Race - Central Park

    FOUNDED BY: JJT_Defender ; Pixe Sukola ;

    No results found.


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    Fastest Race - Mojave

    FOUNDED BY: JJT_Defender ; Pixe Sukola ;

    No results found.


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    Fastest Race - New England

    FOUNDED BY: JJT_Defender ; Pixe Sukola ;

    No results found.

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