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07-03-2020 at 08:45 AM
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How to add derivative tracks after creating the master track,with step by step illustrations.

This is for new Twin Galaxies members to show them how to Add derivative tracks the right way. I had to learn, so I am just trying to make it easier for them.

Step 1 select

Step 2 after selecting TG Records,,select Create a Leaderboard

Step 3 Next, you will see this here below, with your user name.

Step 4 Next , you will see a box

Step 5 Check the box, after you check the box, this what you will see here below.

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    Step 6 next, you created track, you select your master track you created before

    Step 7 after secting your master track from the created track selection, this is what you will see.here below.

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    Step 8 In the Description box just replace the race track name Mulholland, example with Florida, after at the botton right in a red box with white lettering it will say submit, you just check it and your are done and the process starts all over.

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