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12-02-2020 at 07:49 AM
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Jace Hall take a 2nd look at the dispute Tom Duncan race time 1:10.86 here is more evidence

Here Jace Hall to further that Tom Duncan did not even close having a lap time of 23.33 average that is needed to achieve a race time of 1:10.86. Here is Tom Duncan's official Twin Galaxies best lap time on race track Fish 'N' Ships is 42.7 seconds lets do the math
42.70 -
23.33 =
19.37 seconds he would have to average 19.37 for the next 2 laps, it is clear that the Twin Galaxies referee made a clerical number mistake when inputing the race time & the race time should be 2:10.86 not 1:10.86
The Dispute is completely valid, in any case Tom Duncan's final race time record 1:10.86 in invalid not true, it never happened.

Surely Jace Hall you cannot believe that Tom Duncan achieve a race time of 1:10.86 it was a clerical number mistake by the Twin Galaxies referee they forgot to put in the 2, that would have made the race time 2:10.86 for the race track Fish 'N' Ships

There are only 2 things that could have happen here on Tom Duncan race time of 1:10.86

#1. This was a clerical number mistake by the Twin Galaxies referee and the real legit race time would be 2:10.86 in no way 1:10.86
#2. Tom Duncan found a glitch or a way of clipping of huge portion of the race track course that happens in the PC home version of the arcade racing game Fast and Furious Super Cars / Super Cars to get a full minute off there race times or more.

In either case Jace Hall the final race time record would not count.

1. A Twin Galaxies referee made a clerical mistake

2. The other would be cheating.

Look at the current world record race time of 2:08.220 for the Fish 'N' Ships track set by Arossavi from speedrun.com site.

Dispute: Fred Bugmann - PlayStation 2 - Wacky Races Starring Dastardly & Muttley - PAL - Arcade - Time Trials - Fish 'N' Ships [Fastest Race] - Player: Tom Duncan - Score: 01:10.86


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    This player was using the home version of arcade racing game Fast and Furious Super Cars / Super Cars which has cheats

    made by Raw Thrills owned by the greatest video game creator of alltime Eugene Jarvis who I knew since 1982
    Here this player got a 9.42 on the race track Mojave not possible, Many other tracks race times on the video are unrealistic.

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    Hi JJT,

    The basic point is that if there is a shortcut in Wacky Races then it has to be found first. If the shortcut is found only then will the shortcut be understood as intended or glitch. At the moment there is insufficient evidence to confirm such a shortcut does not exist.

    Right now, there's no proof in one direction and insufficient proof in the other. It is therefore "unsolved" as a mystery.

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    It would be helpful if all discussion regarding the score dispute is contained within the dispute claim thread as that is the only evidence that can be considered in the evaluation.

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