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12-08-2020 at 09:31 AM
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Jace Hall why do I not have access to LEGACY ARTICLE ARCHIVE?

@Jace Hall

  1. Barthax's Avatar

    Looks like I don't either. You're not alone. :)

  2. JWillard's Avatar

    I get that page all of the time on various pages if I click on it wrong. I’ve even been told I don’t have rights to my own profile a couple of times 😂

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    well.... i'm probably gonna get in trouble for giving you this, but here's a secret link that'll let you get into the legacy article archive. I think you're gonna love it

    https://www.twingalaxies.com/searchx-more.php?t=articlearch&q=fast%20and%20furious&tm=0 &from=0&to=1607578214&tabs=dGFiRElWXzI3LHRhYkRJVl8 yOSx0YWJESVZfMTEsdGFiRElWXzE5LHRhYkRJVl8yMSx0YWJES VZfMjMsdGFiRElWXzI1LA==

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