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01-22-2021 at 12:18 PM
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Bug/glitch on the classic arcade game Spy Hunter

This is from classicarcadegaming forum Specifically, it is possible to get the game into a state where the difficulty no longer increases and you no longer see torpedo boats or enforcers.

The bug can be triggered by "jumping" a broken bridge by getting out of a weapons van and riding on the right over the broken bridge when an enforcer is on the bridge or nearby.

It's happened to me several times -- once the enforcer was on the bridge, another time it wasn't visible.

The first time it happened to me I wasn't even a particularly good player and I was around the 100,000 point mark and the game stayed at that difficulty and I had gone hundreds and hundreds of thousands of points w/o having lost a car before I figured out that I must have run into a bug and shut the game off. Then I did some checking with other folks and found out that it was indeed a known bug so I carefully avoided jumping bridges with enforcers around.

The next time it happened to me I never saw an enforcer but had the same thing happen to me again so I quit jumping bridges entirely because this is essentially cheating and ruins a perfectly legit score.

If you are not specifically looking for this bug it is pretty easy to stumble into it.

I'm NOT saying that Paul deliberately did it but until he can reproduce a score in the same ballpark as what he said he did back 20 years ago I'm not gonna believe it.

Note: there are OTHER game bugs that could cause scores to shoot up wildly too. I've been told that there are several other ones although I'm pretty sure I don't know them all.

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    Who's quote is this and when is it from?

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    This from classicarcadegaming.com forum

    Quote Originally Posted by Fly

    Who's quote is this and when is it from?

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